19.08.2022 General information about the current situation at PIKO

Dear PIKO friends,

2022 is an exceptionally busy year and we are grateful to all of you for being so loyal to PIKO, as you also showed with your visit to our "Open Day".

We are working hard to deliver the products you ordered, which is extremely difficult due to container transit times from China of up to 110 days. 110 days is almost 4 months. This means that products that we produced in our Chashan factory in March, shipped in April, are now arriving in August. We are not used to this kind of delay in the history of PIKO and neither are you. Not only has the cost of container shipping increased by 4-5 times, now there is the added delay in delivery. - When will this get better? I cannot tell you.

Unfortunately, there is the added disaster that we are not getting the required quantity of micro-chips for decoders.

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16.08.2022 H0 Expert steam locomotive class 93.0 DB III #50650

The Prussian T14 The hot steam freight locomotive of the class 93 as H0 model from PIKO

50650 Steam locomotive class 93.0 DB III UVP 340,00 €
50651 ~Steam locomotive class 93.0 DB III UVP 390,00 €
50652 Steam locomotive / Sound class 93.0 DB III UVP 450,00 €
50653 ~Steam locomotive / Sound class 93.0 DB III UVP 450,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points

  •     Completely new construction
  •     Free-standing pipes, extra bell, whistle, handrails
  •     Finest spoked wheels and filigree coupling rods
  •     In the sound version equipped with smoke insert
  •     Detailed reproduction of the lubrication pump drive made of metal
  •     Filigree, free-standing lamps with maintenance-free LEDs
  •     Driver's cab lighting
  •     Sound version with modern PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1 S
  •     Excellent price-performance ratio
  •     Engine lighting

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01.07.2022 Idee+Spiel dealers at PIKO in Sonneberg

On 1 and 2 July, the Idee+Spiel toy trade association held its annual conference in Bayreuth.

As part of the programme of this event, there was an opportunity to visit the PIKO factory in Sonneberg on Friday morning.

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