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30.01.2018 H0 Expert Diesellok TGK2 "Kaluga" #52740 / #52741

Diesel locomotive TGK2 – the legendary „Kaluga“ as model from PIKO

52740 DC diesel locomotive TGK2 era IV, 52741 AC diesel locomotive TGK2 era IV

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Individually mounted and delicate handles
  • Digital switchable lighting for the driver’s cabin
  • Buffer storage for best possible driving characteristics without sound interruption
  • PluX22 interface
  • Very good price-performance ratio at 119,99 € for the DC version and 159,99 € (RRP) for the AC version (factory-equipped with a mfx-capable PluX22 decoder)

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26.01.2018 Award: model of the year 2017 N BR 82

Our N-scale model of the steam locomotive BR 82 (item numbers #40100 and #40101) was voted „model of the year 2017“ in the category “traction units / multiple unit trains” by an overwhelming majority of the users of the online platform www.1zu160.net.

We are extremely happy about the result and want to thank everyone who voted for our small PIKO steam locomotive.

We want to wish every owner of a BR 82 lots of fun with the locomotive and promise you, that we will continue to make models with high attention to detail in the scale of 1 to 160.

You can find the exact results of the vote under the following link: N Neukonstruktion 2017

16.01.2018 Press conference 2018 in Sonneberg

As part of the yearly press conference in the run-up to the Nuremberg Toy Fair (31st of January to 4th of February 2018) the management of the Sonneberg-based model railroad manufacturer PIKO reported about last years sales performance and presented a wide range of new products for 2018 to the attending media representatives.

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05.01.2018 Updates for PIKO H0 Measure Car

The first updates for our H0 Measure Car (concerning firmware and ConfigTool) are available.
Go to the PIKO web shop to download them.