05.04.2018 CAD pictures of Polish new molds 2018

The following 3D construction drawings give you a first view on our new Polish molds for 2018.

You can get a first impression of our new H0 diesel locomotive ST44 of the PKP and of the different versions of the new and highly detailed Polish tank car Zas (406R).


#52804: H0 Expert diesel locomotive ST44
With its well-made mould construction, the newly developed model of the ST44 consistently reproduces the characteristic appearance of the Polish version of the M62. The ST44 convinces - just as the PIKO models of the V200 DR - with a powerful engine equipped with two precisely balanced flywheel masses and excellent running characteristics. On the two inside running axles of the bogies, two wheels are arranged diagonally to each other. These wheels have traction tires for high tractions. Furthermore, the PIKO model of the ST44 has finest paining and printing, applied handle bars, sharply engraved bogie bezels, engine room equipment, driver’s cab and engine room lighting that is installed as standard and can be switched digitally using a PluX22 decoder and rear lights functioning depending on the direction of travel. The vehicle is prepared for easy retrofitting with sound and largest possible speaker. The AC model is factory-equipped with an appropriate PluX22 decoder suitable for mfx. Brake hoses for retrofitting are enclosed.

#58450: H0 Expert tank car Zas (406R)
With the tank car 406R, PIKO is going to realise another important car type from Poland at a scale of 1:87. The attractive model of the tank car will be realised precisely at a scale of 1:87. It is characterised by the coherent presentation of all relevant details of the original. The detailed new construction scores with the perfect representation of the kink-free tank. Specifically attached steps, ladders, railings and platforms have a delicate and stable design as well. A special highlight is the realistic replica of the tightening straps and their connection to the car support - they do not have visible disconnections. The car has finest painting and printing and excellent rolling characteristics. With this highly detailed model, another attractive vehicle by PIKO is available for use in freight trains.