04.04.2023 TT Steam Locomotive Class 93.0 DR III #47130

The 93 rolls in! Prussia's Gloria as a TT model from PIKO  

47130 TT Steam Locomotive Class 93.0 DR III 275,00 €
47131 TT Steam Locomotive Class 93.0 DR III, PIKO TrainSound® onboard 390,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points:

  • Completely new design
  • Filigree replica of undercarriage and rodding
  • Firebox flicker switchable in the digital version
  • Silky smooth driving characteristics
  • Highest model quality with full operational capability
  • Digitally switchable undercarriage lighting


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Some information about the prototype and model

Prussia was always striving for rationalisation, so that in the late 1910s they fell back on proven principles for the design of a new tender locomotive. Parts of the traction unit and running gear were taken over from the proven freight locomotive G8.1 with a few modifications. The new locomotives were incorporated as the T14 series. A total of 457 units were built for the Prussian State Railway. Subsequently, the Imperial Railways in Alsace-Lorraine also ordered 40 locomotives of this type. After the Second World War, the 93.0-4 class was scattered over large parts of Europe. Freshly repaired, they were put back into service not only in divided Germany but also in Poland, France, Belgium and Austria. The DB used its machines until 1960, with the Limburg depot and the lines between the Lahn, Dill and Sieg being their last refuge. The 93.0-4 remained in service with the DR until 1971, where the locomotives were used especially in and around Berlin, mainly in front of goods trains or in shunting service. However, the locomotives were also used to haul passenger carriages between Berlin stations. Only two locomotives have survived, 93 230 is the only example in Germany.

Our prototype: 93 090 of the Bw Grunewald, revision Hl 17.4.62

The distinctive Prussian steam locomotive with the two-light headlight is convincing due to the outstandingly successful realisation. The model comes with a large number of extra parts, such as many fine lines as well as reproductions of bell, whistle, steps to the buffer beam, ladders, hand rods, heating lines and sand pipes. The fine spoked wheels, the filigree control system and the lovingly designed driver's cab make the locomotive an absolute eye-catcher on every TT layout. The PIKO class 93 is also technically up to date and has driver's cab and running gear lighting, an LED head signal and separately switchable train end lighting. The installation of a digital decoder and the retrofitting with sound are easily possible with the analogue model 47130, a Next18 interface is available for this. The version with item number 47131 has a PIKO Smart-Decoder XP including PIKO TrainSound® onboard with diverse and authentic sound functions ex works..

Era III operation in TT scale - simply unthinkable without the PIKO class 93!

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