01.02.2018 Impressions from the 2018 Spielwarenmesse / Toy Fair in Nuremberg

Here we put together some impressions (videos and pictures) from the 2018 Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg:


PIKO Inhaber, Herr Dr. René F. Wilfer, stellt einige PIKO Highlights auf der Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg vor u.a. den Messwagen eine Topneuheit für 2018 (Videos in englischer Sprache)

One of the highlights on the Spielwarenmesse every year: The new PIKO products presented by Dr. René F. Wilfer and Mr. Frank Buttig. Enjoy and have fun! :-) (German language)

Herr Dr. René F. Wilfer, PIKO Inhaber, spricht mit "Volldampf - Das Eisenbahn TV Magazin" über die schweizer N und H0 Neuheiten für 2018.

Herr Dr. René F. Wilfer, PIKO Inhaber stellt für "Volldampf - Das Eisenbahn TV Magazin" die PIKO Gartenbahnneuheiten für 2018 vor.


Here we put together some impressions from the 2018 Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg.

This year again, the PIKO fair stand sticks out with its elegant black design.

Amongst others (from left to right) Mrs. Lea Kienel, Mrs. Ortrun D. Wilfer and Mr. Maximilian Gentsch are available for questions about our new products and for the consultation of interested customers.

PIKO owner Dr. René F. Wilfer proudly presents one of the first samples of the new G-scale models.

Our new PIKO SmartControl digital system is demonstrated by the two experts Mr. Sinan Kolanci and Mr. Matthias Fröhlich, who are there to answer possible questions around the digital systems from PIKO.

Mrs. Ortrun D. Wilfer, Mr. Sinan Kolanci, Mr. Jens Beyer and Mr. Wim Wolters are looking forward to the visitors of our booth. (from left to right)

Here are some further pictures of our samples and products which are displayed at this year’s fair.