H0 Expert electric locomotive BR 118 #51860 / #51861

26.04.2018 H0 Expert E-Lok BR 118 #51860 / #51861

Cult locomotive BR 118 of the DB – the highly awarded express train locomotive as detailed model by PIKO

51860 DC electric locomotive BR 118 DB era IV, 51861 AC electric locomotive BR 118 DB era IV

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Detailed printing and lettering
  • Individually mounted and delicate handles
  • Delicate pantographs SBS 39/54 and electric insulators
  • Digitally switchable illumination for the driver’s cabin and the engine room
  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • PluX22 interface
  • Very good price-performance ratio at 169,99 € (DC version) and 209,99 € (AC version; factory fitted with PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22, multiprotocol and mfx-capable)

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» Fahrzeugheft BR 118 DB

Further information about the original and the model

At the beginning of the 1930s, the DRG ordered new express train locomotives for the electrically operated railway networks in Germany. The E 18, which was delivered from 1935, was one of the fastest electric locomo-tives of the German Reichsbahn and reached a top speed of 150 km/h. In 1937 the E 18 22 received a Grand Prix in Paris amongst others for its speed and power. After the war, the DB reemployed the remaining express train locos. Until the emergence of the first uniform electric locomotives, these express train locos were the stars of the German federal railways. From 1957 they were increasingly used for fast and passenger traffic service. From the middle of the 1970s, the well-designed locos were taken out of service until the last vehicle was taken out in 1984.

Locomotive 118 020-7 of the DB. Railway devision Nuremberg, locomotive depot Würzburg. Revision date 25.10.76, Operating state from 1976. Steel-blue version with special lights, 8 sandboxes and SBS 39/54 panto-graphs. The PIKO electric locomotive of the series 118 of the German Federal Railways is characterized by a heavy zinc die-cast frame, a strong 5-pole motor with two oscillating weights, two traction tires, a Plux22 inter-face, LED lighting with high luminosity and a digitally switchable rear light. The model is prepared for an easy upgrade with sound and largest possible speakers. Optional brake hoses are enclosed. The AC model comes factory-fitted with a suitable mfx-capable PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22.

Why you shouldn't miss out on the PIKO H0 model

The striking PIKO BR 118 of the DB is equipped with separately attached windscreen wipers, delicate UIC sockets and a detailed recreation of the engine room, that can be highlighted with the digitally switchable illu-mination. On top of that, the many attached details like sign holders, locomotive whistles, roof walkways, handrails, braking force compensators, SIFAs and delicate treads at the buffer beams, underline the high standards PIKO sets itself when creating new and authentic models. Further highlights are the chassis with its excellently engraved suspension and attached sand pipes, the numerous rivets on the frame, the roof with its realistic walkways, cables and SBS 39/54 pantographs.

The visual features, as well as the technical standards of the digitally switchable illumination of the driver’s cab-in and the engine room are now available with this new high-quality H0-scale model from PIKO.

The detailed model of the electric locomotive of the 118 is a perfect example for the high quality of PIKOS newest constructions. It promises high and prolonged fun due to its fine and operational realisation, the well thought out technical features and excellent driving characteristics with high traction. With the new BR 118, PI-KO creates an attractive monument for this famous cult locomotive.

Video's van de model