H0 Expert electric locomotive BR 151 #51300 / #51301

15.05.2018 H0 Expert electric locomotive BR 151 #51300 / #51301

Cult locomotive 151 001 of the DB – as detailed model by PIKO

51300 DC electric locomotive BR 151 DB era IV, 51301 AC electric locomotive BR 151 DB era IV

The advantages of the PIKO model in bullet points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Individually mounted handles and windscreen wipers
  • Delicate pantographs and electric insulators
  • Digital switchable lighting for the driver’s cabin and the engine room
  • Excellent running characteristics
  • PluX22 interface
  • Very good price-performance ratio at 164,99 € for the DC version and. 204,99 € for the AC version (pre-equipped with the new PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22, multiprotocol with mfx-capability)


» The model in the PIKO web shop

» Vehicle information booklet BR 151

Some information about original and model:

At the end of the 1960s, the German Federal Railways demanded a new six-axis freight locomotive to improve its competitive situation compared to the road traffic. The locomotive was supposed to accelerate the heavy freight trains up to a speed 120 km/h. Between 1972 and 1978, 170 of the locomotives were stationed in Nuremberg and Hagen. In 1994 the vehicles were assigned as series 151 to the DB Cargo. In the medium term, the DB wants to part with the locomotives and takes them out of service during overhaul processes. Numerous locos of the series 151 are sold to private railway companies and there they are still used for freight traffic.

Locomotive 151 001-5 of the DB. Railway division Wuppertal, locomotive depot Hagen-Eckesey. Revision date 5.2.73, operating state from 1973. Chrome green version with all relevant changes of the first 151s compared to the series produced locomotives like for example separately attached front handrails, fitting access ladders and functional starting lamps. The PIKO electric locomotive of the series 151 of the German Federal Railways is characterized by its heavy zinc die-cast frame, a strong 5-pole motor with two oscillating weights, two traction tires, a Plux22 inter-face, LED lighting with high luminosity and a digitally switchable rear light. The model is prepared for an easy upgrade with sound and largest possible speakers. Optional brake hoses are enclosed. The AC model comes factory-fitted with a suitable mfx-capable PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22.

Why you shouldn't miss out on the PIKO H0 model:

The attractive PIKO locomotive of the series 151 of the DB is characterized by its separately attached windscreen wipers, delicate UIC sockets in the old design, AK-buffer beams, whistles, attached lubrication pump, indusi, plugs and cables on the bogies, reproductions of the original drainage of the air tanks, push-pull train sockets, walkways, air tanks, attached brake shoes and separate door handles. Due to its innovative construction, you can see through the whole engine room of the 151, which can be illuminated with the digitally switchable lighting. The striking six-axis locomotive underlines the high standards PIKO sets itself when creating new and authentic models. With the well turned out locomotive of the series 151 PIKO offers railway enthusiasts a high-quality model for the H0 market.

Finally, there is a detailed model of the locomotive 151 001-5! The PIKO model realistically replicates the shape of the original and at the same time offers many technical highlights, excellent running characteristics, high traction and a high overall quality. With the long awaited 151 001, PIKO again offers an attractive model that promises prolonged fun due to its fine and operational realisation!

Videos of the model: