H0 Expert diesel locomotive V 200 DR #52800 / #52801

20.09.2018 H0 Expert diesel locomotive V 200 DR #52800 / #52801

Cult locomotive V 200 of the DR – the bulky freight train locomotive detailed model from PIKO

52800 DC diesel locomotive V 200 DR era III, 52801 AC diesel locomotive V 200 DR era III

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Detailed painting and printing
  • Attached chrome strips
  • Digital switchable driver’s cabin and engine room lighting
  • Sharply engraved bogies with lots of details
  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • PluX22 interface
  • Excellent price-performance-ratio at an RRP of 139,99 € for the DC model and 179,99 € for the AC model (incl. a PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22, multiprotocol with mfx-capability)


» The model in the PIKO Webshop

» Vehicle information booklet V 200 DR

Some information about the prototype and the model

Between 1966 and 1975 the German Reichsbahn ordered a total of 378 locomotives of the six-axle diesel elec-tric series M62 from Luhansk in the former Soviet Union (now Ukraine) and labelled it as series V 200. Because the locos were only meant for freight train service, they do not have a train heater and that for were only used in front of passenger cars during the summer months. The first locos were not equipped with a muffler and pro-duced so much noise that they soon received their famous nickname „Taigadrum“. All vehicles without a muffler were retrofitted later on and later shipments were factory-fitted with a suitable muffler by the Meiningen Steam Locomotive Works. The series was taken out of service by the DB AG in 1995 but some locos are still dis-played in museums or in use by private railway companies.

Locomotive V 200 026 of the German Reichsbahn. division Dresden, depot Reichenbach. Revision date 22.3.67. Operating state from 1967. Version without muffler in the state of the first vehicles.

The bulky PIKO V 200 of the German Reichsbahn has a heavy zinc die-cast frame, a 5-pole motor, two traction tires, a PluX22 interface, LED lighting with high luminosity and a digital switchable rear light.

The model is prepared for an easy upgrade with sound and a large speaker. Coupling hooks and brake hose imitations are enclosed. The AC model comes pre-fitted with a new suitable PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22.

Further arguments, why you shouldn’t miss out on our new model:

The striking PIKO V 200 of the German Reichsbahn is characterized by its delicate painting and printing with the exact colours and fonts of the prototype as well as realistic proportions of the roof slope, a detailed rooftop design with delicately engraved air vents and a detailed replication of the engine room, that can be highlighted via the digitally switchable illumination.

Furthermore, the many separately attached details like the correctly positioned ventilation grilles at the front with 7 slats, delicate replications of the typical signal horns of the Reichsbahn, shiny front handles, battery boxes, air tanks, brake cylinders, sand and air pipes and treads underline the high quality of the PIKO V 200. On top of that, the loco is equipped with a replica of the characteristic drive shafts of the first prototypes. For the first time, PIKO offers this high-quality model of the cult locomotive with all its attractive features and the technical highlights of the digitally switchable driver’s cabin and engine room lighting, for the H0 market for a reasonable price.

The detailed model of the diesel locomotive V 200 of the German Reichsbahn again shows the high quality of PIKO’s new constructions and promises long-lasting play fun through its operational design, the well thought out technical features and the excellent driving characteristics with a high tractive power. With the H0 model of the bulky cult locomotive V 200 PIKO fulfils the wish of many H0 enthusiasts for a modern and highly detailed model of this important series.