H0 Expert diesel locomotive BR 364 #52820 / #52821

07.12.2018 H0 Expert diesel locomotive BR 364 #52820 / #52821

The Class 364 diesel locomotive of the DB AG – the long-lasting three-axle loco as a detailed model by PIKO
52820 Diesel locomotive Class 364 DB AG V, 52821 ~Diesel locomotive Class 364 DB AG V AC version
52822 Sound Diesel locomotive Class BR 364 DB AG V, 52823 ~Sound Diesel locomotive Class BR 364 DB AG V AC version

The highlights of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Detailed and flawless painting and printing
  • Buffer storage
  • Digitally switchable Driver’s cabin and driving gear illumination
  • Delicate spoked wheels
  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • PluX22 interface
  • Excellent price-performance-ratios


» The model in the PIKO web shop

» Fahrzeugheft BR 364 (German)

» Vehicle information booklet BR 364

Some information about the prototype and the model:

The German Bundesbahn early decided to develop a diesel-powered switching locomotive to be able to replace steam locomotives in the switching service. The first locos of the new class went to the DB in 1955. Until 1963, 942 specimens had been delivered. From 1968, the lighter locos with a weight of 48 tons were labelled as Class 260, while the heavier locos with a weight of 54 tons were labelled as Class 261. The vehicles proved themselves in service. At first, they were classified as diesel locomotives, later, from 1987, they were classified as small locomotives. At the same time, the locomotives were equipped with radio remote control. These remote-controlled locos were labelled as Class 364 (light version) and Class 365 (heavy version). Today, there are still many active locomotives in service at private railway companies and museums.

Locomotive 364 786-4 of the DB Cargo, stationed in Kornwestheim, revision date March 10th 2000. Traffic red version of the light V60 type with radio remote control.

The PIKO Class 364 is characterized by its heavy zinc die-cast frame, a small but strong motor with flywheel, a traction tire, a modern PluX22 interface and LED lighting with high luminosity as well as a digitally switchable rear light. The analog model is prepared for an easy upgrade with sound and a large speaker. Optional couplings for switching and imitations of the brake hoses are enclosed. The factory-fitted modern PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 of the sound version masters the data formats DCC with RailComPlus®, Motorola®,Selectrix®. In addition, the AC version is mfx-capable. The built-in loudspeaker is especially designed for this loco type. Many typical sounds like engine noise, signal horns, brake squeals and many further functions can be retrieved.

Why the model should be present on your layout:

The PIKO Class 364 of the DB AG captivates with its flawless painting and printing in the precise colours and with the original fonts of the prototype, its realistic proportions, delicate engravings and many separately attached details like the air cool pipes, the condensation water tanks, indusi magnets, the grease pump, the horn, the radio antenna and the ladders. Furthermore, the loco persuades with separately attached handles, the delicate wheel flange lubrication system of the type „De Limon Fluhme“ and the brake cylinders. With all these attractive features and the technical standards of the digitally switchable driver’s cabin and driving gear illumination, PIKO shows once more the high level of its newly constructed models that promise long lasting play fun due to its operational design, the technical features and its excellent driving characteristics and all that at an affordable price.

The attractive PIKO model of the Class 364 switching locomotive satisfies the wish of many H0 enthusiasts for a modern and detailed model of this important locomotive class with excellent driving characteristics. The detailed model promises a lot of fun during switching of freight cars or through coaches and it is an important enrichment for realistic operations on modern model railway layouts.

Videos of the model: