H0 Expert x-cars DB #58500ff

19.03.2019 H0 Expert x-cars DB #58500ff

The x-cars of the DB – Detailed models of the passenger cars for suburban trains by PIKO
58500 Suburban train x-car 2nd class RRP 49,99 €

58502 Suburban train x-car 1st/2nd class RRP 49,99 €

58501 Suburban train x-car control car 2nd class RRP 74,99 €

Summary of the highlights of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Flawless painting and printing
  • Control car with (digitally controllable) light change white/red as well as driver’s cabin light
  • Illuminated train destination display in the control car
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


» The model in the PIKO web shop

» Fahrzeugheft x-Wagen

» Fahrzeugheft x-Wagen (EN)

Some information about the prototype and the model:

Comfortably and eco-friendly into the city with the suburban railway! The newly constructed x-cars by PIKO are available from the end of March. The trains were pulled by class 111 locomotives. After the preproduction cars, the Bundesbahn received a total of 215 production vehicles between 1981 and 1984, all coloured in the new orange painting of the suburban railway. To achieve the high acceleration and brake power needed for the special construction of the suburban trains and to lower energy consumption, the cars were built as lightweight constructions with a top speed of 140 km/h. In 1989, another production series was obtained for the Ruhr area, in 1991 a third series followed for the suburban railway in Nuremberg, this time, pulled by locomotives of the class 141.

In 1995, the cars of the last series were delivered to the suburban railway Rhine-Ruhr for upcoming expansions of their railway network.

The PIKO x-cars are equipped with a detailed interior, excellent and stable driving characteristics and sharply engraved bogies. The car can easily be upgraded with interior lighting #56292. Furthermore, the control car is equipped with an illuminated train direction display, powerful LED lighting and digitally controllable light change as well as an interface for the PIKO function decoder #56124 and an interchangeable valance with brake line imitations.

With the attractive PIKO models of the Class 111 locomotives (DC #51844 / AC #51845) we offer the ideal locos for a true to the original implementation of realistic suburban trains of the German Bundesbahn.

More reasons why the PIKO model should be on your layout:

The PIKO x-cars of the DB are characterized by their separately attached rubber beads and bogie springs. Furthermore, the control car is equipped with separately attached sand pipes, handle bars on the doors of the driver’s cabin, treads and windscreen wipers.

With the attractive models of the x-cars, PIKO fulfils the wishes of many fans for attractive and modern models of this important car family. In combination with the beloved PIKO class 111 loco of the DB with orange painting of the suburban railway (#51844 / #51845), the cars are perfect for a realistic replication of suburban railway trains of the German Bundesbahn wit era IV models made by PIKO.

Videos vom Modell