H0 Expert diesel locomotive SU46 PKP #52860

20.06.2019 H0 Expert diesel locomotive SU46 PKP #52860

The SU46 of the PKP - strong diesel power from Poland for heavy trains 

52860 Diesel locomotive SU46 PKP era IV MSRP 164,99 €
52861 ~Diesel locomotive SU46 PKP era IV MSRP 204,99 €
52862 Sound diesel locomotive SU46 PKP era IV MSRP 254,99 €     
52863 ~Sound diesel locomotive SU46 PKP era IV MSRP 264,99 €     

The highlights of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Finest painting and printingg
  • Many attached details
  • engine room lighting
  • High operational suitability
  • AC versions factory-fitted with mfx-capable PluX22 decoder
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and the model:

After Poland's first diesel line locomotive of the SP45 series had proved its worth, the Polish state railways decided to purchase an upgraded version that could also be used in heavy, high-quality passenger services. Because they appreciated its reliability, the designers used the FIAT engine of the SP45, but increased its output to 2250 hp. This step proved to be an economic stroke of luck. The innovations of the new PKP diesel locomotive also included an electric train heater and the optimised shape of the driver's cabs and the locomotive body with the corrugated side walls. After the two prototypes, the Poznan locomotive construction company Cegielski delivered another 50 SU46s from 1976 to 1977. With their output of 1654 kW and a top speed of 120 km/h, they fulfilled PKP's expectations very well. The locomotive was and is still regularly used in Germany.

The PIKO model of the attractive diesel locomotive SU46-039 of the PKP convinces with an exact conversion of the striking housing form with ribs, freestanding mirrors, horns, fine fan grids on the roof, attached roof footbridges, oil filters, rail scraper and beautifully designed driver's cabs. The standard driver's cab lighting and the direction-dependent rear lights can be controlled digitally with a PluX22 decoder. The five-pole motor with two flywheels ensures excellent driving characteristics. The heavy model with two traction tires for high tractive forces has a digital PluX22 interface according to NEM 658 and is prepared for easy retrofitting with sound and the largest possible loudspeaker. Imitation tow hooks and brake hoses are included for retrofitting.

Why the model should not be missing on your layout:

The PIKO SU46 additionally have, among other things, attached windscreen wipers and door handles, separate heating sockets and ladders. The deeply engraved bogies also feature lovingly designed details with the dampers, speedometer drive, brake cylinder and Indusi magnets. The roof convinces with separately attached hatches, handles, chimneys, fans and of course a matching antenna. Due to the filigree design of all relevant features of the original, the locomotive reaches small series level to the well-known very good PIKO price-performance ratio!

With the heavy diesel locomotive, PIKO once again realizes a striking Polish locomotive with excellent detailing as a 1:87 model. The contemporary locomotive convinces with its successful mould construction and makes the locomotive a real eye-catcher, even in view of the clean paintwork and printing as well as the fine, harmonious overall appearance.

Since the diesel-electric original was and is a regular guest in Germany, the SU46 of the PKP offers a large spectrum of application possibilities for model railroaders from East and West.

With the passenger car family 111A #97602 et seqq. suitable models are available for the realistic creation of PKP trains in era IV by PIKO.

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