H0 Expert Plus diesel locomotive V60 #55900

14.08.2019 H0 Expert Plus diesel locomotive V60 #55900

The Class 260 of the German Bundesbahn available as an Expert Plus model by PIKO

55900 Diesel locomotive w. sound 260 538-4 DB Ep. IV MSRP 299,99 €
55901 ~Diesel locomotive w. sound 260 538-4 DB Ep. IV MSRP 309,99 €  

The advantages of the PIKO model

  • Realistic printing and painting
  • Buffer storage
  • Innovative digital coupler
  • Digitally switchable driver’s cabin and engine room lighting
  • Delicate spoked wheels
  • Many separate attached details
  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • Highly praised, realistic sound
  • Very good price performance ratio


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Further information about the prototype and model

The German Bundesbahn early decided to develop a diesel shunting locomotive to replace steam locomotives in shunting service. The first locomotives of the new series came to DB in 1955. A total of 942 locomotives were delivered by 1963. From 1968 onwards, the lighter 48-ton locomotives were subdivided into class 260 and the heavier 54-ton locomotives into class 261. The locomotives proved to be excellent and were initially operat-ed as diesel locomotives, but from 1987 they were downgraded to small locomotives. At the same time, radio remote controls were installed; these remote-controlled locomotives were labelled either as 364 (light type) or 365 (heavy type). Even today, many vehicles are still in active service, now also at private railway companies and museums.

Locomotive 260 538-4 of the DB, stationed in Offenburg, Rev. date 4.7.75 in ocean blue and beige. As usual, the shape of the original was precisely met with this new PIKO model. The new innovative digital coupler + impressively combines the highest operational capability with a filigree appearance. The additional technical highlights of the digitally switchable driver's cab and engine lighting round off the perfect appearance.

The factory-fitted PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 Sound of the latest generation with the much acclaimed authentic V60 noises, masters the DCC data formats with RailComPlus®, Motorola® and Selectrix® and is mfx-capable in the AC version. The loco persuades with a powerful 12bit sound with 8 channels and 128 Mbit memory depth with 2.5-Watt output power, a fine motor control and various light outputs. The built-in loudspeaker is precisely matched to the type of locomotive. Many typical locomotive noises such as engine noise, signal horns, brake squeal and other switchable functions can be called up individually.

Why the model should not be missing on your layout:

The PIKO Expert Plus locomotive of the BR 260 convinces with finest varnishing and printing in realistic col-ours, fonts and with sharp colour separation edges, proportions in line with the original, fine engravings and many extra details, such as condensation water tank, Indusi, grease pump, horn, radio antenna and ascents. In addition, the vehicle impresses with attached handlebars, the fine wheel flange lubrication device of the type "De Limon Fluhme" and brake cylinder. The excellent appearance is additionally underlined by the etched grid on the front side. The PIKO model promises long-lasting maximum gaming fun due to its operational design, well thought-out technical features and outstanding driving characteristics at an outstanding price-performance ratio. 

With the attractive, absolutely correctly implemented model of the class 260 shunting loco with digital coupler, PIKO fulfils the wish of many H0 railroaders for a convincing, finely detailed model of this important series with good driving characteristics. The detail-loving model provides a lot of fun when manoeuvring freight wagons or scheduled wagons and is a real eye-catcher on any layout.


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