TT diesel locomotive TGK2 "Kaluga" #47520

12.08.2019 TT diesel locomotive TGK2 "Kaluga" #47520

Diesel locomotive TGK2 - the legendary "Kaluga" as finely detailed TT model by PIKO
47520 Diesel locomotive TGK2 Ep. IV MSRP 129,99 €
47521 ~Diesel locomotive/Sound TGK2 Ep. IV MSRP 229,99 € 

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Finest painting and printing
  • Many separately attached details
  • High operational suitability
  • Sound variant factory-fitted with buffer storage
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Further information about prototype and model

At the beginning of the 1960s, the machine plant Kaluga in Russia developed the two-axle diesel locomotive TGK2 with hydraulic power transmission. The robust machines were and are intended for use on the tracks of industrial companies and as shunting locomotives. The locomotives were manufactured in various series and versions in a number of over 9,000 units and, in addition to the domestic version TGK2-M, were also produced as the TGK2-E version for export. 184 of these locomotives were delivered to industrial plants in the former GDR.

Locomotive no. 2, VEB Elektro Keramische Werke Sonneberg, Rev.-Datum 10.3.81, yellow-orange version with operating condition from 1981 with typical front. The PIKO TGK2 is characterized by a small but powerful special motor, a contemporary Next18 interface, LED lighting with very good luminosity and digitally switchable rear light. Brake hoses and coupling hooks for optional upgrading are included.

The sound version is already equipped with a matching PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 Next18 and a buffer storage for optimum driving characteristics without sound interruptions. The built-in loudspeaker is precisely matched to the locomotive type. Many locomotive noises such as engine noise, signal horns, brake squeal and other switchable functions can be retrieved individually.

Why the model should not be missing on your layout:

The PIKO TT model of the TGK2 with its excellent design, has extra attached handrails, precisely designed railings, horn, sandboxes, air tanks and ladders. The detailed and robust model with the zinc die-cast frame has sufficient tractive forces for realistically long model trains. With these optical features and technical standards, a high-quality model of this PIKO series, which is widely used by industrial companies, is now available to the TT market for the first time 

The attractive and excellently recreated model of the TGK2 underlines the high standard quality of PIKOs new designs and promises long-lasting fun due to its fine and operational design. The PIKO locomotive can ideally be used with PIKO DR freight cars and is very interesting as a shunting and industrial machine in view of the fair price!


Videos vom Modell