H0 Expert electric locomotive BR 181.2 #51340

10.10.2019 H0 Expert electric locomotive BR 181.2 #51340

Electric locomotive Class 181.2 of the German Bundesbahn – The striking cross-border commuter by PIKO

51340 Electric locomotive181.2 DB Ep. IV MSRP 179,99 €    
51341 ~Electric locomotive 181.2 DB Ep. IV MSRP 219,99 €     
51342 Electric locomotive/Sound 181.2 DB Ep. IV MSRP 269,99 €        
51343 ~Electric locomotive/Sound 181.2 DB Ep. IV MSRP 279,99 €         

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Detailed roof design
  • Indirect pantograph mounting (without visible screw connection)
  • Driver’s cabin and driver’s desk light
  • Striking engine room replication
  • AC versions factory-fitted with mfx-capable PluX22 decoders
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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» Fahrzeugheft BR 181.2

» Fahrzeugheft BR 181.2 EN

Further informationen about the prototype and model:

In 1972, the German Bundesbahn ordered dual-frequency locomotives under the designation 181.2 for traffic to France and Luxembourg. After delivery, the 25 locomotives were used on cross-border routes at speeds of up to 160 km/h in express service, among others in front of the famous Orient-Express. But also the freight train service as well as the regional and Eurocity traffic belonged to the portfolio of universally applicable machines. A particularly striking feature of the locomotives are the raised fan grilles that extend into the round roof.

Locomotive 181 205-6 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Railway directorate Saarbrücken, Depot Saarbrücken 1st revision date 22.9.82. The PIKO model of this important multi-system locomotive series shows all the relevant details of its prototype and impresses with the finest paintwork and sharply contoured printing, extra front handles and door handle bars as well as sharply engraved bogies. Lighting is provided by LEDs. The in-tegrated driver's cab and engine room lighting as standard are digitally controllable with PluX22 decoders, as are the taillights that operate depending on the driving direction. A powerful five-pole motor with two precisely balanced flywheels ensures excellent driving characteristics.

The 500g heavy PIKO model has two traction tires and a heavy zinc die-cast frame for high tractive forces. The PIKO 181.2 is prepared for an uncomplicated upgrade with sound and the largest possible loudspeaker. Optio-nally attachable brake hose dummies are included with the model.

The high quality PIKO locomotives of the BR 181 DB convince among other things by the detailed roof garden with very fine insulators and current collectors with different collector strips. The PIKO designers have succee-ded in implementing this technically difficult roof area with the side fans and the masterpiece of meticulously setting a worthy monument to the model. In addition, the impressive model features driver's desk lighting, attached front handles and door handrails, UIC sockets and windscreen wipers. The deeply engraved bogies have excellently reproduced brake shoes and oil pots. Together with the separate sandboxes, vibration dampers and stairs, the countless details make the locomotive an eye-catcher on any layout.

With the attractive PIKO IC 79 carriages #59660 et seq. suitable train sets can be created!

Why the model should not be missing on your layout:

With the 181.2 of the DB, PIKO once again sets new standards in the realization of fine H0 locomotives and now offers a state-of-the-art model of this important locomotive family. After the much-praised Class 120 electric locomotive, the Class 181.2 will now close another gap in PIKO's important locomotive families of the German Bundesbahn in 2019. Together with the #59660 et seq. passenger carriages, the vehicles enable a faith-ful reproduction of realistic trains of the Bundesbahn in Era IV with PIKO models.


Video vom Modell