H0 Expert diesel locomotive class 107 DR #52420

25.03.2020 H0 Expert diesel locomotive class 107 DR #52420

Diesel locomotive BR 107 - Proven import from Deutsche Reichsbahn for shunting and mainline service new from PIKO

52420 diesel locomotive class 107 DR Ep. IV MSRP 169,99 €    
52421 ~diesel locomotive class 107 DR Ep. IV MSRP 209,99 €
52422 diesel locomotive/Sound class 107 DR Ep. IV MSRP 259,99 €        
52423 ~diesel locomotive/Sound class 107 DR Ep. IV MSRP 269,99 €        

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Fine railings
  • Illuminated locomotive number
  • Driver's cab lighting
  • AC variants pre-equipped with mfx-enabled PluX22 decoder
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model:

In the second half of the 1950s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn saw the need to replace the class 80 steam locomotives at short notice. Since the locomotive construction of the GDR was still busy testing the V 60 at this time, 20 units of the already proven T 435.0 series were ordered in Czechoslovakia. The machines, initially designated V 75 (later class 107), were mainly used in and around Leipzig for shunting service.

Our prototype: Locomotive 107 009-3 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Revision date 5/30/70.

With the new design of the BR 107, the wish of many model railroaders for a contemporary model of the shunting locomotive is fulfilled. The model convinces with many applied details, including the faithful reproduction of the small cab lamp according to the DR model, the illuminated locomotive number plates, a fine reproduction of the speedometer drive, the applied (Reichsbahn typical) chimney as well as the reproduction of the brake construction. The handles and railings are as filigree as they are robust. The outstanding overall appearance is underlined by the three-dimensional engravings on the front of the locomotive. The lighting is provided by LEDs. The standard driver's cab lighting is digitally switchable with a PluX22 decoder, as are the direction-dependent tail lights and the illuminated locomotive signs. A powerful five-pole motor with two flywheels, two traction tires and the heavy die-cast zinc frame ensure clean running characteristics and high tractive forces. The PIKO 107 is prepared for easy retrofitting with sound and the largest possible speaker. Optional attachable brake hose dummies are included with the model.

With the PIKO models of the BR 107, our designers have once again succeeded in creating a worthy memorial to a model of a Reichsbahn locomotive with a lot of precision and attention to detail. In addition, this striking locomotive has an attractive interior design for the driver's cab, extra handles on the buffer beam, extra tank filler necks, typical roof wires and attached steps.

With the 107 of the DR, PIKO once again sets the standard for the realization of fine H0 locomotives and closes another gap in important locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Digitized models allow the display of many light signals, which, in combination with the excellent low-speed characteristics, make shunting a real "service". Together with many attractive freight cars based on the DR model from the PIKO range, the vehicles make it possible to faithfully reproduce realistic trains from Era IV using PIKO models.