H0 Expert steam locomotive class 78 DB #50600

22.04.2020 H0 Expert steam locomotive class 78 DB #50600

Steam locomotive class 78 DB - the longlasting Prussian engine as PIKO's H0 highlight 2020

50600 Steam locomotive class 78 DB era III UVP 299,99 €    
50601 ~Steam locomotive class 78 DB era III UVP 339,99 €
50602 Steam locomotive/Sound class 78 DB era III UVP 399,99 €        
50603 ~Steam locomotive/Sound class 78 DB era III UVP 409,99 €        

Die Vorzüge des PIKO Modells in Stichpunkten:

  • Completely new construction
  • Fine freestanding pipes
  • Delicate side rods
  • Driver’s cabin light and fire box illumination
  • Steam function retrofittable / included in the sound versions ex works
  • AC variants ex works with mfx-enabled PluX22 decoder
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model:

In 1911, the Prussian State Railways began to develop an agile passenger train tender locomotive. Using the experience gained from the proven P 8, a locomotive with symmetrical axle arrangement and a top speed of 100 km/h was designed. From 1912, the new locomotives of the T 18 class (later BR 78) were delivered to the Prussian State Railways. After the Second World War, 424 locomotives remained in West Germany, 53 of which were delivered to the German State Railways of the GDR, 49 of which were put back into service and some of which were equipped with smoke deflectors. The last locomotives of the class were not taken out of service by DB until the mid-1970s at the Rottweil depot. All in all, the T 18 was one of the most successful, long-lasting and popular locomotive series running on German rails.

Our prototype: German Federal Railroad Locomotive 78 134. BD Wuppertal, Bw Wt-Vohwinkel, revision date August 13, 1992.

The model in the version as a shuttle tractor convinces with many applied details, a harmonious paintwork and printing and extremely filigree rods and valve gear. The replicas of the crosshead tracks, swing arms and counter-cranks simply cause enthusiastic excitement. The outstanding overall appearance is underlined by the three-dimensional engravings on the locomotive. The lighting is done by LEDs and can be switched digitally with a PluX22 decoder. A powerful motor with flywheel masses, two traction tires and the heavy die-cast zinc frame ensure clean running and high tractive forces in pulling and push mode. The PIKO 78 is prepared for an easy retrofitting with sound and the largest possible loudspeaker, or is available as a sound model with the sound decoder already installed at the factory. The sound locomotives also have an additional built-in steam generator ex works. This can be easily retrofitted on #50600 and #50601! Optional attachable brake hose dummies and coupling hooks are included with the model.

With the PIKO model of the class 78, our designers have once again won the hearts of many enthusiastic model railway enthusiasts! The locomotive convinces with its fine rows of rivets, the fine wheel sets and the matching smoke chamber all along the line! The steam locomotive also has excellently engraved supply and air pump replicas, whistles, a bell, a harmonious grease supply pump and attached handles, to name but a few special features. The richness of detail of this first steam locomotive in the PIKO Expert range truly invites long-lasting reverie while viewing it.

Finally, a contemporary steam locomotive of the popular class 78 is coming as a new construction in the popular PIKO Expert line! With this detailed model, PIKO offers a real highlight in the model railway year 2020 and sets a worthy monument to the original! The elegant tender locomotive enables authentic train formations with the PIKO yl cars and "Silberlingen", among others, which transfers the charm of Era 3 into every model railway room. The harmonious sound additionally underlines this effect and creates a real steam locomotive atmosphere. The driver's cab and firebox lighting as well as the powerful steam output are technical features that make for additional fun - and this with the sound machines ex works. The all-round excellent machine becomes an eye-catcher and acoustic highlight on every layout!