TT electric lokomotive class 150 DB AG #47460

20.05.2020 TT electric lokomotive class 150 DB AG #47460

The class 150 of the DB AG - a power package on six axles in TT from PIKO

47460 Electric locomotive class 150 DB AG Ep. V MSRP 179,99 €    
47461 Electric locomotive/Sound class 150 DB AG Ep. V MSRP 269,99 €   

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Very detailed roof
  • Filigree metal pantographs
  • Digitally switchable driver's cab and engine room lighting
  • Engine room interior
  • High operational suitability


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Some information about the prototype and model:

The E 50, which was already included in the type range in 1954, was considered the largest and most powerful German Federal Railways electric locomotive. In January 1957 the first two series machines were delivered. Initially equipped with axle-suspended drives and spoked wheel sets, from E 50 026 onwards all machines were fitted with rubber spring drives and closed wheel sets. By 1973 the Bundesbahn had taken over 194 locomotives. The locomotives proved themselves excellently in heavy freight train service. After the reunification, locomotives of this series also regularly came to East Germany, including Weimar and Magdeburg. The last units of the class 150 were not taken out of service by DB AG until 2003.

Our prototype: Locomotive 150 067-7 DB Cargo, revision date 12.12.97. Version with plate fans.

The PIKO TT model of the striking electric locomotive impresses with a precise implementation of the body shape, attached handlebars, sharply engraved bogies and filigree metal pantographs. The serially installed lighting in the driver's cab and engine room as well as the taillights that can be switched on and off digitally with a Next18 decoder increase the fun factor of this beautifully designed locomotive. The model with two traction tires for maximum traction power has a Next18 digital interface and is prepared for easy retrofitting with a decoder. The sound version has a built-in modern PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 Sound of the latest generation ex works. The built-in loudspeaker is precisely matched to the locomotive type. Many typical locomotive sounds such as the typical engine noise, horns, squeaking brakes and other switchable functions can be selected. Brake hoses and hook couplings for retrofitting are included.

The PIKO locomotives of the class 150 include the typical features of the era V, such as rectangular buffers, and impress with many applied, lovingly designed details, including several roof attachments and fans, filigree catwalks, fine ladders, door handrails and handles. The deeply engraved bogies come with harmoniously designed brake shoes, Sifa, sand-boxes and the grease lubrication pump. Streak-free windows, finest insulators, pipes, steps and the original arrangement of the engine room windows on both sides complete the perfect impression of the PIKO TT BR 150 and make the locomotive a highlight on every layout.

With the class 150 of the DB AG, PIKO fulfills a much expressed wish for a model of this important locomotive family, which could be seen in the busy freight train service in West and East. With its technical highlights and the high quality of its construction, the attractive PIKO locomotive once again sets new standards for TT vehicles.