H0 Expert electric locomotive class S499.1 CSD "Laminátka" #51380

21.08.2020 H0 Expert electric locomotive class S499.1 CSD "Laminátka" #51380

The "Laminátka" is coming! - The cult locomotive from the CSSR as expert model from PIKO

51380 Electric locomotive class S499.1 CSD Ep. IV MSRP 209,99 €
51381 ~Electric locomotive class S499.1 CSD Ep. IV MSRP 249,99 €
51382 Electric locomotive/Sound class S499.1 CSD Ep. IV MSRP 299,99 €
51383 ~Electric locomotive/Sound class S499.1 CSD Ep. IV MSRP 309,99 €

The advantages of the model in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • Digitally switchable driver's cab and chassis lighting
  • Engine room equipment and lighting
  • Metal pantographs
  • Finest bogies
  • Many attached details
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model

In the 1960s, the CSD began a comprehensive electrification of its railway lines in the southern part of the country with alternating current. For this purpose, Škoda procured several lots of powerful locomotives for express train service, which are probably among the most striking electric locomotives in Europe due to their unusual appearance with large, rounded panoramic windows at the front. Since the locomotive body sitting on the welded steel frame was covered with plates of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, the locomotive soon received the nickname "Laminátka". A total of 145 S499s of the S499.0 and S499.1 were delivered to ČSD from 1968 onwards. Of these, 25 locomotives were classified as class S499.1, the only difference to the S499.0 being the higher maximum speed of 140 km/h. However, from 1978 onwards these 25 machines were all rebuilt to the S499.0 series. After 1992 the majority of the universal locomotives remained with the 'SR. The machines of ČD are mainly used in freight traffic.

Our prototype: Locomotive S499 1023. Number 6103. Škoda Pilsen 1970

The striking locomotive with the futuristic design impresses with its outstanding engineering quality, with which PIKO sets new standards in the construction of H0 electric locomotives. In addition to the authentic paintwork and printing, the countless attractive details on the PIKO S499.1 are impressive, e.g. the engine room windows with a good view of the interior, the fine roof cables, insulators and metal pantographs, the extremely detailed bogies with excellently engraved spring assemblies, and the reproduction of the steering rods on the chassis. The powerful locomotive is driven by a five-pole motor with two flywheels. For easy retrofitting of a digital decoder, the locomotive has a PluX22 interface. Retrofitting with sound is easily possible. Coupling hooks, brake hoses and heating plugs are included for showcase use.

The PIKO S499.1 is characterized by many extra details, such as wind deflectors, panto drives, whistle, handlebars, ventilation grilles, stairs, windshield wipers, valves, drainage tanks, front steps, speedometer, sandboxes, fine spoke wheels and much more. The window areas, which are particularly striking on this locomotive, have been excellently polished and create a perfect illusion of glass. Apart from these superlatives, the technical equipment must of course not be inferior. For this reason, the PIKO S499.1 has chassis and driver's cab and engine room lighting as well as driver's desk lighting. Of course, the sound was recorded on original machines and sampled extensively by PIKO experts! The PIKO S499.1 leaves nothing to be desired!

With the new BR S499.1 from PIKO, railway enthusiasts now have a contemporary, high-quality, mass-produced model of this important locomotive type at their disposal, which captivates all viewers with its eye-catching design. The powerful PIKO locomotive impresses with its shape and coloring, printing, and driving characteristics all along the line. Its tidy interior and the many technical possibilities in digital operation ensure maximum fun. The timeless S499 locomotive is a must for every railway fan.

Sound demo: