H0 Expert electric locomotive ET 21 PKP #51600

14.01.2021 H0 Expert elektrische locomotief ET 21 PKP #51600

The electric locomotive ET21 is coming! The Polish electric locomotive as Expert model from PIKO

51600 Electric locomotive ET21 PKP Ep. V MSRP 179,99 €
56102  Electric locomotive / sound ET21 PKP Ep. V MSRP 269,99 €
51601 ~Electric locomotive / sound ET21 PKP Ep. V MSRP 279,99 €

The highlights of the model in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • Digitally switchable illumination of driver's cab, engine room und power unit
  • Delicately etched windshield wipers and checker plates
  • Spoked wheelsets
  • Striking polish lamps
  • Many attached details
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio

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Further information about prototype and model:

Series production of the first Polish electric freight locomotive began at Pafawag in Wroclaw in 1958. Two pro-totypes and the first 18 series-produced locomotives were extensively tested, so that design changes were made to the following initial 70 units. By 1971, a total of 658 locomotives of this type had been delivered. The locomotives, which were certified for a maximum speed of 100 km/h, were designed to haul a 2400-ton freight train at 70 km/h on the flat. For a long time, the ET21 was found on virtually all electrified lines in Poland. However, with increasing numbers of ET22s, the locomotives were crowded back more and more to the south of the country. Originally, the ET21s were to be phased out as early as 2002, but they lasted considerably longer and are still in service with some private transport companies.

Our prototype: locomotive ET21-157, stationed at DOKP Północna/ Karsznice, rev. date 23.10.91.

PIKO continues the series of characteristic Polish locomotives. Among other things, the successor to the ET21, the ET22 (item number 96333), has already appeared. The perfectionism in the realization could be in-creased again. For example, no bolts are visible on the filigree pantographs. Various pipes and attachments of the roof equipment are free-standing. The handle bars on the PIKO ET21 are also separately mounted. Etched checker plates and windshield wipers at the front of the engine complete the eye-catching model.

The replicated engine room can be admired through the model-appropriate differently arranged side windows. At the push of a button, this can be digitally switchable illuminated. As usual for PIKO Expert new designs, the cab lighting is also digitally switchable.

The five-pole motor has a high tractive effort, just like the prototype. The two flywheel masses ensure smooth running. A PluX22 interface allows the ET21 to be digitized fast and easy. A decoder is already installed in the sound and AC versions. Additional retrofittable parts, such as front skirts are available

In addition to the outstanding appearance, the PIKO ET21 stands out with proven and sophisticated technology. The model can be perfectly set in scene by means of the installed power unit lighting. Even in analog operation, the white/red light changes with the direction of travel. Modern, extremely compact LEDs are used for this feature. In accordance with its intended use, the PIKO ET21 has a shunting light. Even though they are only partially visible under the imposing bogies of the six-axle locomotive, attention was paid to prototypical spoked wheelsets in the implementation of the wheelsets. A charming detail that is a reminder to the early days of electric traction. The pantographs are filigree in the usual PIKO quality and are made of metal. .

With the ET21, PIKO once again lives up to its own high standards without losing the balance between func-tionality and detailing.

The ET21 from PIKO is not only visually remarkable with its contemporary color concept. Every closer look reveals more subtleties and details. The model knows how to convince as an eye-catcher for collectors. For friends of the Polish State Railways, the ET21 represents a fundamental piece of Polish railroad history. Now this indispensable locomotive can enrich the model fleet. For a realistic train set, various PKP freight cars have already been released in the PIKO Expert series.


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