H0 Expert steam locomotive class 83.10 #50630

15.01.2021 H0 Expert steam locomotive class 83.10 #50630

The steam locomotive BR 83.10 is coming! New DR locomotive - Class 83.10 as Expert model from PIKO

50630 Steam locomotive Class 83.10 DR era IV MSRP 329,99 €
50631 ~Steam locomotive Class 83.10 DR era IV MSRP 369,99 €
50632 Steam locomotive/Sound Class 83.10 DR era IV incl. steam function ex work MSRP 419,99 €
50633 ~Steam locomotive/Sound Class 83.10 DR era IV incl. steam function ex work MSRP 429,99 €

The highlights of the model in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • Driver’s cab illumination
  • Version with three domes and wind deflectors
  • Filigree rod drive with spoked wheels
  • Replicated driver's cab interior
  • Many attached details
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio


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Further information about the prototype and model:

At the end of the 1940s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn had a patchwork of locomotives that, due to obsolescence and poor condition, did not permit economical train operation. This condition was particularly true of the branch lines. For this reason, the DR commissioned the LEW Hennigsdorf as early as 1950 with the development of a modern branch line steam locomotive. However, it was to take another 5 years before the prototypes of the new class 83.10 were delivered. Even during the test runs, constructional deficiencies and problems with the production quality became apparent. However, since delivery of the series-produced locomotives began a short time later, it was no longer possible to implement all the changes requested. By October 1955, 27 locomotives had been put into service and stationed at the Halle/Saale and Magdeburg head offices. During service in its core area, engine service on branch lines, the 83.10 often impressed at least with impressive mileage, very good acceleration and smooth running. The idea of reducing downtimes at the depot by means of large stocks can also be considered a success. The interesting design, which certainly proved to be better than its reputation in operational service, represents an important milestone in the history of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. The last units were withdrawn from service in 1972.

Our prototype: Locomotive 83 1027-8 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, Stationed in Magdeburg, beloging to the Bw Haldensleben Rev.-Date 10.02.70.

The 83.10 from PIKO is another new steam locomotive. It is already the second steam locomotive in the PIKO Expert series. The 83.10 is a feast for the eyes with its various attached parts, such as many fine lines, wind deflectors, bell, whistle, covers on the water boxes, generator, steps to the buffer beam, ladders, hand rods, heating lines and sand pipes. Lovingly reproduced is the elaborate rod drive of the locomotive, made of metal. Magnificently clean sprocket wheels are a joy to behold. Even when stationary, the BR 83.10 is an eye-catcher.
The powerful motor provides with 2 installed traction tires for sufficient propulsion. With a PluX22 interface, analog models can be easily digitized. A retrofit of sound is also prepared. In addition, two sound versions and an AC version appear, which are already factory-equipped with an mfx-capable decoder.

PIKO's class 83.10 not only has proven technology inside, but also provides a view into the engineer's cab with reproduced interior furnishings. This can be digitally switched and illuminated. The same applies to the power unit. Even more realism is provided by the DC and AC versions in sound design with factory-installed steam generator. With the 83.10, PIKO offers an often desired model for the first time in large-scale production, in the usual PIKO quality.

The 83.10 from PIKO probably has its well deserved fan base right from the start. For friends of the steam traction, the model is indispensable. In Era IV design, the new locomotive remains versatile and can be ideally supplemented with the already existing cars. In addition, PIKO already carries various matching Era IV cars belonging to the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

Sound sample: