H0 Expert Y passenger cars DR IV #58550ff

09.06.2021 H0 Expert Y passenger cars DR IV #58550ff

Series production from Bautzen! The UIC-Y-Cars as Expert models from PIKO

58550 Passenger Y-Car Ame '69 DR era IV MSRP 59,99 €
58551 Passenger Y-Car ABme '69 DR era IV MSRP 59,99 €
58552 Passenger Y-Car Bme '69 DR era IV MSRP 59,99 €

The highlights of the model in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • For the first time in precise H0 scale
  • Interior and train rear lighting prepared
  • Highly detailed bogies with wheel slide protection regulators
  • Replicated halls and toilets
  • Prototypically designed chassis
  • Separately attached handle bars
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Further information about the prototype and model:

In the early 1960s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn put the first cars into service that largely conformed to the international UIC-Y standard international UIC-Y standard. This vehicle family is characterized by the uniform length of 24.5 m and the side gangways on seating cars and transitions with rubber beads. Initially, the following were delivered express train cars of both classes with six-car compartments. Towards the end of the 1960s, the design was adapted in numerous respects to the then current state of the art and henceforth designated Y/B 70. The cars were produced both for the DR and for export. In addition to seating cars, couchette cars, dining cars and sleeping cars were also built. Initially, the UIC Y cars were used exclusively in high-value services, especially on international connections. When more modern material became available in the 1980s, the cars were also used in express trains. The cars were taken out of service quickly after the German rail reform of 1994.

Our prototypes:
Passenger coach UIC-Y 1. class, Ame, DR era IV, Nr.: 51 5019-40 018-0
Passenger coach UIC-Y 1./2. class, ABme, DR era IV, Nr.: 51 50 39-40 035-0
Passenger coach UIC-Y 2. class, Bme, DR era IV, Nr.: 51 50 20-40 164-2

Three new passenger cars of the former Deutsche Reichsbahn appear in one fell swoop. For the first time, this type of passenger car, which was frequently found on the rails, has been reproduced in large scale by PIKO in the exact scale of 1:87. In addition to their scale, the PIKO Y cars impress with a multitude of implemented details. This is demonstrated by wheel slide protection regulators and highly detailed boogies. Extremely sharp engravings show off the roof to its best advantage. Even the individual fan blades can be seen in exact numbers. The fans are harmoniously complemented by similarly reproduced maintenance flaps and correctly positioned air suckers.

The excellently captured proportions of the cars are continued from the windows to the hallways and toilets. The same precision has been applied to the doors. Their handle bars are freestanding and already mounted. The panes are surrounded by sharply defined frames. The window stoppers on the upper edge are a loving detail. Crystal-clear windows provide the best view of the prototypically reproduced interior including individual compartments. The chassis is also a real joy to behold. It is finely detailed with various reproduced assemblies. Of course, exterior longitudinal beams of the appropriate height are not to be missed. The buffer beam can be completed with additional, enclosed brake pipes.

The new family of cars is not only visually impressive. The cars also have a lot to offer in terms of functionality. Outstanding rolling characteristics allow reliable operation on any layout. All of the cars have close coupler mechanisms for forming long train sets. With the PIKO close coupler #56048, the car transitions can be kept extra close. Real railroad flair comes with factory-prepared lighting for the cars. Exactly fitting lighting kits (#56270 for seating cars and #56271 for couchette cars) provide an atmospheric ambience with LEDs in matching colors.

The compartment cars, often referred to as "Bautzen cars" because of their production location, were found in various versions. Several different car types make it possible to create a wide variety of block trains. In addition, two attractive three-car sets will be released this year. With the sleeping car, another distinctive car type is included. PIKO already has suitable locomotives in its program for the creation of prototypical train sets. The much acclaimed PIKO Expert model of class 132 #52760, often called "Ludmilla", is the ideal addition for the DR express train service in H0.

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