H0 Expert electric loco class 194 DB IV #51470

12.02.2022 H0 Expert electric loco class 194 DB IV #51470

The 194 is coming! The "German Crocodile" class 194 as an Expert Model from PIKO

51470 Electric loco class 194 DB era IV UVP 310,00 €
51471 ~Electric loco class 194 DB era IV UVP 360,00 €
51472 Electric loco / Sound class 194 DB era IV UVP 420,00 €
51473 ~Electric loco / Sound class 194 DB era IV UVP 420,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • Digitally switchable lighting of driver's cab, driver's desk and engine room
  • Digitally switchable tail and start-up lights
  • Finely etched roof grids
  • Freestanding power cables on the headlights
  • Technically sophisticated chassis design
  • High level of detail with full operational capability
  • First series model with integrated tail lights
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


» The model in the PIKO Webshop

» Fahrzeugheft BR 194 DE

» Fahrzeugheft BR 194 EN

Some information about the prototype and model

From 1933 onwards, the first electric locomotives with the axle arrangement Co'Co' were built for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. They had the characteristic design principle of two bogie front ends and a locomotive body with transformer in between. These locomotives, classified as class E 93 were extensively further developed in the late 1930s. The result was the powerful class E 94 freight locomotives, 146 of which were built between 1940 and 1945. After the Second World War, some machines were manufactured from existing parts, and from 1954 onwards, further slightly modified locomotives were built as replicas. The extraordinarily robust machines formed the backbone of electric freight transport for more than four decades, especially in southern Germany. The green livery and the articulated bodywork earned the E 94 the nickname "German Crocodile".

Our prototype: Locomotive 194 576-5 of the Bundesbahn, BD Nürnberg, Bw Nürnberg Rbf, Unt. MF 4.8.80

The PIKO designers have succeeded with flying colours in transferring the class 194 perfectly into the H0 scale. The result is a model that excellently reproduces both the overall appearance and the characteristics of the prototype in 1:87 scale. The roof area of the locomotive is a piece of model making art, which, apart from the free-standing wires, stands out in particular due to the engravings of the roof section and the finely etched running boards. The three-part body is adorned with extremely three-dimensional looking fan louvres, a high-quality paint job and the absolutely sharp contour printing. All windows of the model are perfectly flush. In the chassis area, the replication of the elongated sheet metal frame bogies is particularly eye-catching. Numerous applied details and the excellent reproduction of the suspension drives round off the picture. The "German Crocodile" also benefits from the principles of the prototypical engineering in the model: Thanks to the dovetail joints between the engine front ends and the bridge frame, the locomotive lies snugly on the track and is very agile at the same time. The mid-mounted engine with two flywheel masses ensures smooth running. The locomotive's tractive power is increased by two diagonally arranged traction tyres on the middle axles. In combination with a digital decoder, various light functions such as the lighting of the driver's cabs, the driver's consoles and the engine room can be controlled. A special highlight are the starting lights below the driver's cab windows as well as the tail lights integrated in the hoods. The items 51472 and 51473 are equipped with an authentic vehicle sound ex works.

The model of the class 194 is a successful reminiscence of a pioneering piece of railway history and an enrichment among the vehicles of the era IV.

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