H0 Expert electric locomotive class V43 MAV VI #51430

06.09.2022 H0 Expert electric locomotive class V43 MAV VI #51430

Üdvözlöm, Szili a nevem! The silicon rectifier locomotive of the V43 series from PIKO

51430 electric locomotive class V43 MÁV Ep. VI UVP 230,00 €
51431 ~electric locomotive class V43 MÁV Ep. VI UVP 280,00 €
51432 electric locomotive/ Sound class V43 MÁV Ep. VI UVP 345,00 €
51433 ~electric locomotive/ Sound class V43 MÁV Ep. VI UVP 345,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • Freestanding, finest roof lines
  • Etched roof walkways and finest metal handrails
  • Detailed bogies with many individual parts, such as dampers, brake soles and sand pipes
  • Multicoloured painted insulators
  • A multitude of finest accessory parts
  • Driver's cab, driver's desk and engine room lighting
  • Sound version with modern PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1 sound
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Finest printing on body, frame and bogies


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Some information about the prototype and model

To expand MÁV's electric traction, the company bought a licence for class V43 from the "working group for planning and implementation for 50 Hz railway electrification" in 1960. Production of this universal locomotive initially began in Essen, but from V43-1008 onwards it was transferred to the Ganz-MÁVAG works in Hungary. Thus, until 1982, a total of 379 locomotives were built, which were quickly nicknamed "Szili" due to the silicon rectifiers installed.
With a top speed of 130 km/h and an output of 2200kW, the locomotives have always been used in front of all types of trains. In order to adapt the locomotives to the requirements of modern rail traffic, some machines received a rebuild from 1999 onwards, which is primarily noticeable from the outside by the new UIC cans under the front windows and is usually accompanied by very conspicuous paintwork, which is why the machines incorporated as V43.2 are also called "Papagáj-Szili". With the takeover of driving trailers from DB AG, further machines were converted and henceforth incorporated as V43.3. The vehicles have a push-pull control and a frequency-multiplexed train control, on-board electronics and an air conditioning system. Thus, the machines will continue to dominate the picture at MÁV and GySEV for the next few years, even if the area of application is becoming increasingly smaller due to the lack of multi-system capability.

Our prototype: Locomotive V43 1282

Even though the prototype locomotive is simple, this new design from PIKO is again richly detailed and leaves nothing to be desired in today's model railway market.
The proportions are perfect and a multitude of free-standing components give the vehicle spatial depth. Filigree pantographs, finest roof lines and etched roof walkways catch the eye already at the first top view of the model. Flush-fitted, printed, crystal-clear windows, handrails and windscreen wipers made of metal as well as fans with depth effect break up the distinctive shape of the locomotive again and again and invite the model railway enthusiast to look at them. The undercarriage doesn't have to hide either, the bogie covers come up with a multitude of details, such as free-standing roll supports, steps, sand drop pipes, bearing covers and linkage rods.
Even the interior of the machines has been worked on with great attention to detail: The windows provide a view of a prototypical engine room interior as well as a highly detailed driver's cab rear wall, which is shown to its best advantage thanks to the installed lighting.

Inside the model, a combination of proven drive technology and modern electronics ensures excellent driving characteristics. The sound variant is equipped ex works with the new PSD XP 5.1 S, which ensures the best control characteristics. Thanks to PIKO TrainSound®, sounds are triggered synchronously with motor control and functions. The analogue version can be retrofitted for digital operation in no time thanks to the Plux22 interface.

Whether goods train, suburban traffic or upscale use in front of a EuroCity, the V43 from PIKO always cuts a fine figure. With this model, the customer gets a contemporary cult electric locomotive with the highest level of detail at a very good price-performance ratio.

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