H0 Expert Plus dining car WRm '61 DR IV #55920 / 55921

19.09.2022 H0 Expert Plus dining car WRm '61 DR IV #55920 / 55921

Take a seat and enjoy! The DR dining car WRm '61 as Expert Plus model by PIKO.  

55920 XP dining car WRm '61 DR Ep. IV MSRP 190,00 €
55921 ~XP dining car WRm '61 DR Ep. IV MSRP 190,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points

  • First series model of the DR WRm '61
  • Detailed car bottom
  • Extensive digital sound and light functions
  • High-quality painting and printing
  • Filigree and free-standing brake system
  • Digital functions based on the PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1


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Some information about the prototype and model

At the beginning of the 1960s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn had a shortage of contemporary dining cars, especially for vehicles that could be used internationally. So a series of 20 dining cars with 42 seats each was ordered from VEB Waggonbau Görlitz to meet the increased requirements. Unlike the UIC-Y cars delivered later, it was decided to use a length over buffers of 24.900 mm. The simple revolving doors and a different roof curvature are among the most striking external differences to the Y car family, with which the WRm '61 otherwise shares design principles. The dining cars, initially designated WR4g-61, were numbered 055-101 to 055-120. With the start of Era IV, the number range changed to 88-40 101 to 88-40 120. From the beginning, the cars were mainly used for interzone train services from Berlin. Although more modern dining cars were available to the DR over the decades, the car type was used in D trains from Leipzig and Berlin to Hamburg and Cologne until its retirement in the early 1990s. At that time, the interior design of the early 1960s, including the elliptical room divider, was perceived by passengers as a rolling anachronism. A total of nine vehicles initially survived until the 2010s on museum railways, but many vehicles have been scrapped in the meantime.

Our prototype: Car 51 50 88-40 106-9, Wm Berlin-Rummelsburg

The PIKO model of the WRm '61 is exactly in 1:87 scale. The side wall and the roof shine with their vivid engravings. In the roof area, the filigree handle bars and the inserted ventilators also catch the eye. Equally attractive is the detailed reproduction of the brake system including the free-standing release cable. The bogie replicas of the Görlitz V type combine outstanding visual qualities and excellent running characteristics. Digital functions are very important for an Expert Plus model: The model has numerous light functions. The interior lighting for the dining room, kitchen, side corridor and vestibule can be switched separately. In addition, the train closing signal Zg 2 can be activated as a night signal. The sound functions of the car offer a lot of entertainment. The range extends from prototypical sequences such as the procedure of rigging, to typical sounds of a dining car and humorous dialogues.

The new Expert Plus dining car makes model railway operation even more entertaining in the future and at the same time closes a large gap in the H0 car park.

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