H0 Expert diesel locomotive NoHAB #52480ff

25.01.2023 H0 Expert diesel locomotive NoHAB #52480ff

The NoHAB rolls up! The diesel locomotive icon as an H0 model from PIKO  

52480 Diesellok BR M61 MÁV IV 223,00 €
52481 Diesellok BR M61 MÁV IV, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 345,00 €
52482 ~Diesellok BR M61 MÁV IV, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 345,00 €

52483 Diesellok My 1100 DSB IV 223,00 €
52484 Diesellok My 1100 DSB IV, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 345,00 €
52485 ~Diesellok My 1100 DSB IV, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 345,00 €

52486 Diesellok Serie 52 SNCB IV 223,00 €
52487 ~Diesellok Serie 52 SNCB IV 275,00 €
52488 Diesellok Serie 52 SNCB IV, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 345,00 €
52489 ~Diesellok Serie 52 SNCB IV, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 345,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points

  • Completely new construction
  • Finely etched fan grille
  • Driver's cab and instrument lighting digitally switchable
  • Sophisticated and powerful drive technology
  • Highest model quality with full operational capability
  • Numerous prototypical shape variants


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» Fahrzeugheft NoHAB DE

» Fahrzeugheft NoHAB DK

» Fahrzeugheft NoHAB BE

» Fahrzeugheft NoHAB EN

» Fahrzeugheft NoHAB HU

Some information about the prototype and model

One of the most distinctive diesel locomotives on European tracks is undoubtedly the "NoHAB". This is an offshoot of the legendary F series of the US manufacturer EMD, which was adapted to European requirements and built from 1954 onwards by the Swedish licensee Nydqvist och Holm AB, or "NoHAB" for short. Until 1965, the manufacturer delivered 165 examples of the locomotives affectionately called "round noses" to the state railways in Denmark, Norway and Hungary. Further examples were built for the Belgian state railways by the manufacturer Anglo-Franco-Belge. The vehicles differed in various details, such as the installed engine power, but shared the construction principles, elementary components and the shapely design. The locomotives proved themselves very well and were found in various services. Their use in Denmark, Belgium, Norway and Hungary lasted until about the turn of the millennium. Due to the liberalisation of the rail transport market in the EU, some locomotives found new fields of work with private companies, also in Germany, and some are still in commercial use today.

Our prototypes:
Locomotive M61 017 of the Hungarian state railway MÁV in 1981 condition
Locomotive My 1147 DSB
Locomotive 5204 SNCB

There is no accounting for taste, but there are things whose elegance is beyond reproach. The new PIKO NoHAB models also benefit from the undisputed elegance of the prototype. To achieve this overall impression, great attention has been paid to details: The side ventilation grilles are made as fine etched parts and are an absolute eye-catcher. The multi-part construction of the roof ventilators with separate ventilator wheels is in no way inferior to this. The distinctive frontal windows as well as the side "portholes" also contribute to the excellent image due to their perfectly flush fit. The impression is completed by the precise and highly detailed design of the bogies, which are extremely prototypical due to numerous attached parts. The locomotive is powered by a powerful and smooth running motor with two flywheel masses, which acts on the two outer axles of both bogies. The current is drawn from all six axles. The digital versions provide various lighting functions and a powerful sound for varied operation on the layout. Thanks to the PluX22 interface, the analogue models can also be easily converted for digital use.

From Norway via Denmark to Belgium and Hungary - if you want to make this journey at the highest model building level, the PIKO NoHAB is the perfect choice!

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