N Passenger cars IC '79 DB IV 40660

08.11.2023 N Passenger cars IC '79 DB IV 40660

IC '79 - the classic of the German Federal Railway as an N model from PIKO

40660 N IC Compartment coach 1st class Avmz 111 DB IV 55,00 €
40661 N IC Large-capacity coach 1st class Apmz 121 DB IV 55,00 €
40662 N IC Dining car ARmz 218 DB IV 55,00 €
40663 N IC Compartment coach 2nd class Bm 235 DB IV 55,00 €
40664 N IC Large-capacity coach 2nd class Bpmz 291 DB IV 55,00 €
40665 N IC Large-capacity coach 2nd class Bpmz 291 DB IV, other wagon number 55,00 €

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points:

  • Complete new designs of all five wagon types
  • Precise realisation to scale
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Sharply engraved bogies
  • Excellent rolling characteristics
  • Prepared for interior lighting
  • Highest model quality with optimum operational suitability
  • Filigree attachments for compelling model reproduction
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Further information on the prototype and model

The pioneering IC '79 concept was introduced in 1979 with the well-known slogan "Every hour, every class". This new approach was taken because the previously purely first-class Intercity trains were hardly economically viable at that time due to the continuing decline in passenger numbers. With the introduction of 2nd class cars, the frequency was also increased to an hourly rhythm. To save time, the accelerated trains no longer carried luggage and mail coaches. To speed up the changeover at the junction stations, the carriage rows were divided into 1st class, dining car and 2nd class blocks. Following the success of the concept, the IC network was extended from four to five lines in 1985. To this day, the IC is an important type of train on Deutsche Bahn's long-distance services.

The PIKO IC cars are characterised by their precisely fitting, streak-free windows, detailed interior fittings, fine engravings and realistic replicas of the bogies. The design qualities are complemented by perfect printing and paintwork. The outstanding running characteristics come into their own when used on the layout. All models in the series are prepared for the uncomplicated retrofitting of interior lighting and of course have close-coupling couplers. With the new IC cars, some of the most important types of carriages of the German Federal Railways are available from PIKO on a scale of 1:160. They allow for numerous realistic train compositions.

With the fine and faithful reproductions of these important carriage types at a very good price-performance ratio, PIKO enables model railway enthusiasts to reproduce stylish train sets from the 1980s that meet the highest quality standards and impress with their operational suitability even in the most demanding express train use on the layout. The attractive models of the IC cars of the Deutsche Bundesbahn are an eye-catcher on any model railway layout thanks to their unmistakably elegant appearance.

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