H0 Expert IC Control car Bpmmbdzf DB AG VI #58870

07.12.2023 H0 Expert IC Control car Bpmmbdzf DB AG VI #58870

The IC from Sonneberg has arrived on track 1!

58870 Control car Bpmmbdzf 2nd class DB AG VI 119,99 €
58871 ~Control car Bpmmbdzf 2nd class DB AG VI 169,99 € 

The highlights of the PIKO model in bullet points :

  • Completely new design
  • Extensively detailed carriage floor
  • Finely crafted bogies
  • Filigree representation of the bogies
  • Numerous attached parts in the chassis area
  • Finely etched windscreen wipersr
  • Excellent rolling properties
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio


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» Fahrzeugheft H0 IC Wagen modern DE

» Fahrzeugheft H0 IC Wagen modern EN

Some information about the prototype and model:

In order to speed up or simplify the change of direction in terminus and reversing stations, DB AG procured control cars for long-distance trains with a speed of up to 200 km/h from 1996 onwards. For this purpose, Halberstadt express train carriages of the Bom 281.1 class were converted and equipped with a driver's cab including the necessary control equipment. Among other things, twelve printer-compatible IC control carriages were manufactured, which were assigned to the class Bpmbdzf 297.3. In 2009, DB AG launched the "IC mod." project to modernise the over 40-year-old Intercity coach fleet. For passengers, this meant new tables and seats with power sockets, for example. Driving trailers modernised in this way were assigned to the new class Bpmmbdzf 286.3, with the suffix "mm" in the designation standing for "modernised". However, the carriages' classification numbers remained unchanged.

Our prototype: Bpmmbdzf 286.1 with the number 80-91 145-5 in the condition of 2014

In contrast to the prototype, the PIKO cab control car is a completely new design. The vehicle has been precisely realised on a scale of 1:87 and impresses with the finest engravings and flush-mounted windows. The interior is reproduced in detail. The bogies impress with numerous fine details, such as individually attached magnetic rail brakes or reproductions of the brake discs. Accordingly, it is also worth taking a look under the carriages: the engine systems and battery compartments have been reproduced with great attention to detail. The cars are prepared for the uncomplicated retrofitting of interior lighting, and maintenance-free front lighting using LED technology is available ex works. The version for centre conductor operation has a function decoder for switching the front lighting as standard.

Why this model should not be missing from your layout:

The PIKO Expert car impresses with its harmonious colour scheme and correct lettering, sharp paint separation edges, prototypical proportions and many extra details, such as windscreen wipers, current couplings, heating cables, steps, buffer covers, antenna, UIC sockets, brake hoses, coupling hooks and sand pipes. The car also has the air tanks, vibration dampers, brake levers with rods and the lubrication reservoirs on the bogies as special features. The cab control car is designed for easy retrofitting of interior lighting and has a white/red light change depending on the direction of travel as well as a plug-in interface for installing the #56124 function decoder.

"Every hour, every class" was yesterday, with the modernised Intercity control car from PIKO there is finally a model of this vehicle that befits its status.