G Diesel locomotive NoHAB Strabag SANTA FE V 37450

25.01.2024 G Diesel locomotive NoHAB Strabag SANTA FE V 37450

Old Swede with American genes. 

37450 G Diesel locomotive NoHAB Strabag SANTA FE V 725,00 €
37451 G Sound Diesel locomotive NoHAB Strabag SANTA FE V incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 880,00 €

The advantages of the PIKO model in bullet points

  • Completely new design
  • Numerous etched parts
  • Detailed roof ventilators
  • Filigree representation of the bogies
  • Numerous attached parts in the chassis area
  • Finely etched windscreen wipers


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Einige Informationen zu Vorbild und Modell

The "NoHAB" is undoubtedly one of the most striking diesel locomotives on European tracks. This is an offshoot of the legendary F series from the US manufacturer EMD, which was built from 1954 by the Swedish licence holder Nydqvist och Holm AB, or "NoHAB" for short. By 1965, the manufacturer had delivered 165 of the affectionately named "round-nosed" locomotives to the state railways in Denmark, Norway and Hungary. Further units were built by the manufacturer Anglo-Franco-Belge for the Belgian state railway. The vehicles differed in a number of details, such as the installed engine power, but shared the design principles and the beautifully shaped locomotive body. The locomotives proved to be extremely successful and were frequently used in high-quality express train services in the early years. Over the decades, however, the universally deployable machines were used in almost all areas. DSB and SNCB locomotives also travelled on German Federal Railways territory, reaching Hamburg from Denmark or Cologne station from Ostend, for example. They were used in Denmark and Belgium until the late 1980s, while the "round noses" remained in service in Norway and Hungary for around ten years longer. Due to the liberalisation of the European rail transport market, numerous locomotives found new fields of work with private companies in Germany and some of them can still be found in commercial use today.

Our prototype: NoHAB 1125 "Ketty" from Eichholz Eivel GmbH in Ep. V condition

There is no accounting for taste, but there are things whose elegance is beyond doubt. The PIKO model of the NoHAB also benefits from the undisputed elegance of the prototype. In order to achieve this overall impression, great importance was attached to details. The ventilation grilles on the sides are designed with fine etched parts as strongly structuring elements of the locomotive body and are an absolute eye-catcher. The striking front windows and the side "portholes" also contribute to the outstanding appearance thanks to their perfectly flush fit. Thanks to two powerful motors with ball bearings and a finely tuned gear ratio, the model has outstanding driving and pulling characteristics. The various lighting functions create a pleasant atmosphere even in the dark. This successful model is rounded off by the pithy, clear sound of the digital model, which is in no way inferior to the prototype. The analogue model can easily be retrofitted with these functions.

The PIKO NoHAB brings a touch of America to the tracks of the garden railway.

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