N Conversion car DB III #40760ff

31.01.2024 N Conversion car DB III #40760ff

The conversion cars are rolling in! The class 3yg wagons as N models from PIKO

40760 Set of 2 AB3yg & B3yg conversion cars DB III 119,00 €
40761 Set of 2 conversion cars B3yg & B3yg DB III 119,00 €
40762 Set of 2 conversion cars B3yg & BD3yg DB III 119,00 €

The advantages of the models in bullet points

  • Completely new design
  • Prototypical design of the car body
  • Detailed entry areas and transitions
  • Detailed reproduction of the car underside
  • Extensive interior design
  • Prototypical wagon spacing thanks to special close coupling
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio


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» Fahrzeugheft N Umbauwagen DE

» Fahrzeugheft N Umbauwagen EN

Some information about the prototype and model

From the mid-1950s onwards, three- and four-axle passenger coach series, known as conversion coaches, were built by the Deutsche Bundesbahn by converting Länderbahn compartment coaches. Only the underframes were taken from the donor vehicles. In order to achieve good driving characteristics on bends, the centre axle of the three-axle coaches was designed to be laterally displaceable. Within a very short time, more than 1,000 vehicles were in use. First and second class coaches, second class coaches and second class coaches with luggage compartments were built. In the prototype, the electrical equipment of the 3yg(e) carriages only allowed a short-coupled pair to be formed. The choice of carriages was free, only the combination of two BD3yg carriages was not possible. For over four decades, the conversion wagons, which were approved for speeds of up to 100 km/h, were indispensable for local transport on main and branch lines and were hauled by almost all Deutsche Bundesbahn locomotive series. It was not until the mid-1980s that the last examples were taken out of regular state railway service. However, they can still be found today on some museum railways or as construction trains.

Our prototype vehicles:
37757 Kar (AB3yge) + 87575 Kar (B3yge),
87527 Kar (B3yg) + 87528 Kar (B3yg),
87568 Kar (B3yge) + 99707 Kar (BPw3yge)

Unlike the prototype, existing parts were not used for the PIKO models of the three-axle conversion wagons. The wagons are completely new designs. The scale vehicles reproduce the original down to the smallest detail. Individually attached grab rails are just as much a part of the contemporary design as flush-mounted, crystal-clear windows and detailed interior fittings. The loving design continues on the carriage floor. Among other things, it impresses with free-standing lines and a filigree brake linkage. Like the prototype, the conversion wagons in N scale are also available on the market as short-coupled pairs and have a prototypical distance between the wagons. Together with PIKO locomotive models, especially the new E 32 series (item no. 40820), prototypical train sets can be formed that will be an absolute eye-catcher on any layout.

The short-coupled PIKO conversion car pairs inspire on a scale of 1:160 and should not be missing as classics among the passenger cars on any model railway layout of eras III and IV!

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