H0 Expert diesel locomotive SP 9000 "Ursprung" III #97440

09.02.2024 H0 Expert diesel locomotive SP 9000 "Origin" III #97440

The mighty diesel howls! The Southern Pacific 9000 as an H0 model from PIKO

97440 Diesel locomotive SP 9000 "Origin" III 279,00 €
97442 Sound diesel locomotive SP 9000 "Origin" III, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 389,00 € 
97443 ~Sound diesel locomotive SP 9000 "Origin" III, incl. PIKO Sound-Decoder 389,00 €

The highlights of the PIKO model summarised in bullet points:

  • Completely new design
  • Delicately designed roof equipment
  • Numerous typical US lighting functions can be switched digitally
  • Excellent driving characteristics with high tractive force
  • Excellent model quality
  • Numerous filigree etched parts


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» Fahrzeugheft H0 KM 4000 DE

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Some information about the prototype and model:

Due to constantly increasing loads, both the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad and the Southern Pacific were looking for new, more powerful locomotives in the early 1960s and became aware of the diesel-hydraulic Krauss-Maffei ML 3000. Both railways initially purchased three ML 4000 locomotives each, which were the world's most powerful single-frame diesel locomotives of their time with a rated output of 4,000 hp. The D&RGW locomotives were categorised under the numbers 4001 to 4003 and were mostly used in pairs or threes in front of goods trains over the Rocky Mountains. The Southern Pacific also received its first three locomotives (9000 to 9002) in 1961 and later also took over the D&RGW engines. Initially they made a strong impression and ran on the Sierra Nevada and Oregon mountain lines. However, due to increasing problems, they were soon transferred to flatland routes. The SP took all ML 4000s out of service until 1968, when technical overhauls were due. Today, only one locomotive of the second series, SP 9010, still exists and is currently being refurbished for operation.

Our prototype: Southern Pacific 9000 as delivered in 1961

The new design from PIKO represents the first three locomotives delivered to the Southern Pacific Railway and perfectly reproduces their original condition on a scale of 1:87. The striking shape of the so-called "Cab Unit" locomotives has been perfectly transferred to the model. Numerous attached parts, flush-mounted and crystal-clear windows as well as fine engravings are evidence of the highest model building quality. The prototypical paintwork and sharply contoured printing round off the appearance of the model. The powerful motor in combination with the finely balanced flywheels ensures smooth running with enormous tractive power. The lighting functions are designed in modern LED technology and can be controlled digitally using a suitable decoder. Typical of American locomotives, for example, is the illumination of the "Roadnumber" board or the so-called "Gyralite" lamp. The sound versions are factory-equipped with a suitable decoder and loudspeaker. The two-wire locomotives have fine RP25 wheelsets ex works, the wheels of the centre-wire version are also optimised for the corresponding track system. All locomotives do not have an NEM coupling shaft in favour of a claw coupling.

Roll on, Southern Pacific - now also with the 9000 on the 1:87 scale tracks!