H0 Expert diesel locomotive BR 132 DR #52760 / #52761

20.11.2017 H0 Expert diesel locomotive BR 132 DR #52760 / #52761

BR 132 DR – the DR classic nicknamed "Ludmilla" as H0 model by PIKO

#52760 DC diesel locomotive BR 132 DR Ep. IV #52761 AC diesel locomotive BR 132 DR Ep. IV

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Brand new construction
  • Faithful H0 scale model
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Individually mounted and delicate handles
  • Perforated side vents
  • Detailed and sharply engraved bogies
  • Digitally switchable lighting for the driver’s cabin and the engine room
  • Exceptional running charactaristics
  • AC-model with preinstalled PluX22 decoder
  • Very good price-performance ratio DC 129,99 € or AC 159,99 €

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» PIKO information flyer H0 BR 132 / 232 (German)

Some information about the original and our model:

With the new BR 132/232 PIKO offers another new and detailed model of a true DR classic. The diesel-electric locomotive of the 132 series was based on the construction of the 130 series of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. As a universal express train and freight train locomotive on main lines and important branch lines it was equipped with electrical train heating and could reach a top speed of 120 km/h.

Starting in 1972 a total of 709 of these large diesel locomotives with the nickname „Ludmilla“ were produced. Some of them are still in use today.

Locomotive 132 202-3, DR. RBD Berlin, Bw Frankfurt/Oder. Revision date 29.3.85, year of construction 1975. Operating status from 1985. Crimson coloured version with wide decorative strips, one-piece front handles and round buffers. The PIKO BR 132 convinces with its felicitous construction and authentic realization of the many details of the original locomotive. The models of the 132 series are characterized by their fine paintwork and printing, a high quality die cast frame, individually mounted and delicate handles and a strong 5-pole motor. They are equipped with two traction tires, that are arranged diagonally on the inner sides of the bogies. The LED lighting of the driver’s cabin, the engine room and the rear lights can be digitally switched due to the PluX22 decoder. The model can be optionally equipped with sound. The AC-model comes with a preinstalled and mfx-capable PluX22 decoder. Optional brake hoses for cabinet display are included.

Why you should not miss out on our new model:

The PIKO BR 132 with its angular brake thrusters is equipped with replications of the old cooling fans, the early front windows, realistic indusi-magnets, a roof segment without tension band, individually mounted front catwalks,, buffer carriers with treads, heater sockets, detailed engine room interior, sharply engraved bogies and very realistic replicas of the large perforated side vents. The new BR 132 offers optical highlights combined with technical features like digitally controllable rear lights and an illuminated driver’s cabin and engine room in the well-known PIKO quality.

The BR 132 is one of the all time classics of German locomotives. On top of all the above mentioned highlights and features, the realistic construction and the well-known exceptional running characteristics of PIKO models are the most important qualities of our model. The realistic and detailed new mold of the PIKO BR 132 is also available as an AC-model! This is why the new PIKO model should be represented in every model train collection.

Video of the BR 132: