H0 Expert Railbus BR 798 + Trailer DB #52720 / #52721

25.10.2017 H0 Expert Railbus BR 798 + Trailer DB #52720 / #52721

DB Railbus BR 798 – the " Savior of the German secondary line railroads" as new and innovative model by PIKO

52720 DC Railbus BR 798 + Trailer DB era IV, 52721 AC Railbus BR 798 + Trailer DB era IV

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Brand new construction
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Preinstalled interior lighting
  • Illuminated destination display
  • Innovative logic for front and rear lights
  • Preinstalled buffer capacitor
  • Exceptional running characteristics
  • AC-model with preinstalled PluX22 decoder
  • Very good price-performance ratio; DC 199,99 € or AC 229,99 €


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Some information about original and model:

The DB developed the twin-engine series VT 98 primarily for the steep secondary lines in 1953 as addition to the unpowered VT 95. In order to be able to use this vehicle as universally as possible, its use was intended with control car and multiple-unit control. Equipped with the usual traction and buffer gears (screw couplings and spring buffers) the new diesel railcar could also transport individual freight cars. As of 1955 the Bundesbahn has taken over 329 railcars, 310 control cars and 320 trailer cars. Their rational, cost-effective use earned them the title of “Savior of the German secondary line railroads”. Although the DB AG shut down their last VT 98 in May 2000, many VT 98 have survived with private and heritage railroads until today.

Railcar 798 514-6, DB. BD Karlsruhe, Bw Radolfzell. Indicated destination on the destination display: Singen. Revision date 19.09.79, Operating status from 1979. trailer 998 736-3, DB. BD Karlsruhe, Bw Radolfzell. Revision date 11.02.79. Crimson coloured version with ventilation-roof. The PIKO railbus BR 798 is characterized by its high quality die cast frame, a powerful motor, a Plux22 interface, bright LED lighting and digitally switchable rear lights. The model can be optionally equipped with sound. The AC-model comes with a preinstalled and mfx-capable PluX22 decoder. Optional parts for cabinet display are included.

Why you should not miss out on our new model:

The PIKO railbus is characterized by its securely locking and conductive couplings, streak-free windows, a clear view through the passenger compartment, individually mounted multi-plugs and magnetic brakes, distinctive brake hoses, detailed interior, various cables at the bottom of the vehicle and separate exhausts. The trailer is additionally equipped with a special replica of the alternator, realistic driver seats and indusi-magnets, that are distinguishable from those of the VT. The air suspension of the model is a detailed replica of the original.

The logic of the new front and rear lights is especially innovative. The trailers and the control cars do not need a seperate decoder, since PIKO models of the VT 98 series have integrated elctronics in the railcars. These electronics allow an automatic switching of lighting depending on the combined wagons. That means, that when two wagons are coupled together, the lighting between those two wagons will be automatically deactivated. The optical and technical features of this all time classic are finally available in the well-known and excellent PIKO quality. The enclosed special coupling allows the railcar to be realistically used with single passenger cars and freight wagons. The coupler pockets can be disguised with the enclosed covers.

The innovative railbus with its high play value and detailed optics sets new benchmarks when it comes to the realisation of model railways. The clear view through the driver’s cabin and the passenger compartment as well as the technical features like the lighting logic and the illuminated destination display are only some of the highlights this model has to offer. Collectors and model railway enthusiasts will be equally pleased.

Video presentation of the Railbus: