H0 Expert diesel locomotive TGK2 "Kaluga" DR #52740 / #52741

30.01.2018 H0 Expert Diesellok TGK2 "Kaluga" #52740 / #52741

Diesel locomotive TGK2 – the legendary „Kaluga“ as model from PIKO

52740 DC diesel locomotive TGK2 era IV, 52741 AC diesel locomotive TGK2 era IV

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Individually mounted and delicate handles
  • Digital switchable lighting for the driver’s cabin
  • Buffer storage for best possible driving characteristics without sound interruption
  • PluX22 interface
  • Very good price-performance ratio at 119,99 € for the DC version and 159,99 € (RRP) for the AC version (factory-equipped with a mfx-capable PluX22 decoder)

» The model in the PIKO web shop

» vehicle information booklet TGK 2

» Технический паспорт локомотива PIKO

Further information about the original and the model:

At the beginning of the 1960s, the Kaluga Machine Factory in Russia developed the two-axle diesel locomotive TGK2 with hydraulic power transmission. The robust engines have been - and are still – intended for use on tracks of industrial companies and as shunting locomotives on railway stations. More than 9,000 specimens of the shunting and industrial locomotive were manufactured in various series and versions. It was produced both as domestic version TGK2-M and as version TGK2-E for export. 184 locomotives thereof were supplied to industrial companies in the former GDR.

Locomotive no. 2, VEB Elektro Keramische Werke Sonneberg, revision date 10.3.81, yellow-orange version with operating status from 1981. The PIKO TGK2 is characterized by a small but strong motor, a Plux22 interface, bright LED lighting and digitally switchable rear light. The optional brake hoses and the matching ladder for the locomotive are enclosed with the locomotive. The AC version is factory-equipped with a PluX22 decoder.

Why you should not miss out on the PIKO TGK2

The PIKO TGK2 is equipped with individually mounted handles, tank nozzles, handwheels, a horn, sandboxes, air tanks and treads. We placed special emphasis on the clear view through the driver’s cabin of the small shunting locomotive. The detailed and robust model has sufficient tractions for model trains with a realistic length thanks to the zinc die-cast frame. The visual features, the technical standards of the digitally switchable lighting in the driver’s cabin as well as the pre-installed buffer condenser (for the best possible driving experience without sound interruptions) are now available with this new high quality H0-scale model from PIKO.

The attractive model of the TGK2 underlines the high quality standards we set for ourselves and for every newly constructed PIKO model. With that in mind we promise you a detailed, delicate and fully operational model for long-lasting fun. Due to the buffer condenser it is also possible to easily shunt on complex turnout sets. The PIKO locomotive is available as DC and AC version and ideal for the use with PIKO DR freight wagons. Because of its highly attractive price-performance ratio the PIKO TGK22 will be an interesting model for everybody who is looking for a shunting or industrial locomotive.!

Video of the model