H0 Expert electric locomotive BR 147 #51580 / #51581

19.02.2018 H0 Expert electric locomotive BR 147 #51580 / #51581

The sister of the BR 187 as the new flagship for the passenger transport of the DB Regio

51580 DC electric locomotive BR 147 DB AG era VI, 51581 AC electric locomotive BR 147 DB AG era VI

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Detailed printing and lettering
  • Individually mounted and delicate handles
  • Delicate pantographs and electric insulators
  • Digitally switchable train destination indicator, illuminated driver’s cabin and rear lights
  • Sharply engraved bogies
  • Exceptional driving characteristics
  • DC version with PluX22 interface
  • Very good price-performance ratio at 149,99 € (DC version) or 189,99 € (AC version with PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22, multiprotocol and mfx-capable)


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Some information about the original and the model:

The Bombardier Traxx locomotive is one of the most successful families of locomotives in Europe and indispensable on German tracks. 2013 the DB AG and Bombardier signed a contract for the delivery of up to 450 new Traxx locomotives. Until today, 100 of the series 187 locomotives were delivered for DB Cargo and 20 Traxx P160AC3 locomotives were delivered as series 147 locos for DB Regio. Since January 2017 the locomotives of the series 147 are in service with Bn- and double-decker cars. More of these locomotives are planned to be used in front of IC and IC2 trains. They are referred to as BR 147.5 and coloured in the white and red design of the long-distance traffic line of the DB. One of the main characteristics of the passenger version is the distinctive train destination display on the front of the train.

The PIKO series 147 model of the DB Regio exactly matches the original and shows all the relevant details of its large counterpart. The circuit board with its PluX22 interface can be upgraded with sound and a large speaker. The AC model comes already equipped with the suitable PIKO SmartDecoder 4.1 PluX22 (multiprotocol and mfx-capable).

Why you shouldn’t miss out on the PIKO model:

The PIKO BR 147 is characterized by its detailed realisation of parts like the windows, buffers, power sockets and the sharply engraved bogies. As usual, the PIKO model shows realistic and exact paintwork and lettering as well as individually mounted handles, delicate pantographs and electric insulators. The visual features, as well as the technical standards of the digitally switchable train destination indicator, the illuminated driver’s cabin and the rear lights are now available with this new high quality H0-scale model from PIKO.

The PIKO BR 147 is a detailed, delicate and fully operational model for long-lasting fun. The numerous functions of the locomotive are a technical and optical highlight on everyone’s system. The high-quality but affordable PIKO locomotive is available as DC and AC version and ideal for the use with PIKO double-decker cars of the DB Regio.

Videos of the model