H0 Expert Tank Wagon Zaes-x PKP IV #58450

09.07.2018 H0 Expert Tank Wagon Zaes-x PKP IV #58450

Tank Wagon 406R of the PKP – Now as a detailed H0 model from PIKO

54850 Tank Wagon Zas (406R) PKP era. IV

A short overview over the advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new construction
  • Detailed printing and lettering
  • Realistic replica of the original
  • Separately attached handrails, ladders and straps
  • Sharply engraved bogies
  • Excellent rolling characteristics
  • Excellent price-performance ratio at RRP € 49,99

» The model in the PIKO web shop

» Vehicle information booklet PKP tank cars

Some information about the original and the model:

The tank car Zas (406R) of the Polish manufacturer Swidnica is a four-axle wagon of the UIC class Za for the transport of liquids and gases that can be filled from the top and from the bottom. The unloading can occur through the bottom valve and the sideward drain valves or with the help of a pump. The top speed of the 34012 mm long and 4270 mm high tank car is 100 km/h. Four straps hold the tank on the frame of the vehicle. The cars were put into service between 1964 and 1981. The tanks of these commonly used cars were designed without a bend and are still used today for transporting fuel, industrial oils and sometimes molasses and vegetable oils.

Car 788 0 410-0 of the PKP of the type Zaes-x. Revision date 31st October 1988, Operating state from 1988. The PIKO tank car 406R of the PKP with heater is characterized by the realistic implementation of the frame and the tank of the original as well as the separately attached, detailed braking systems with control valve, the pneumatic line, the brake linkage and the brake shafts. Brake hoses for an optional upgrade are enclosed.

Why you should have the model on your layout:

The attractive and delicately detailed PIKO tank car 406R of the PKP convinces by its separately attached, filigree straps, tank supporters, platforms, overpressure and vent valves, wire rope anchors, unloading pipes, roof walkways, filler caps on the roof, hand brake crank and grid on the roof walkways and on the platform.

With the successful implementation of the prominent tank car of the type 406R, PIKO again offers a realistic and high-quality model for the H0 market.

The PIKO model of the tank car perfectly replicates the shape and the many details of the original while at the same time offering excellent rolling characteristics. The new construction by PIKO ensures high play value and a perfect mix of operational feasibility and detail-oriented car design! With the attractive model of the 406R of the PKP, PIKO again offers an important Polish freight car model.