H0 Expert commuter control car "Wittenberge head" #58520

16.08.2019 H0 Expert commuter control car "Wittenberge head" #58520

The commuter control car with "Wittenberge head" as expert model by PIKO

58520 Commuter control car "Wittenberge head" DB AG era VI MSRP 99,99 €
58521 ~Commuter control car "Wittenberge head" DB AG era VI MSRP 129,99 € 

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • True to scale realisation
  • Flawless printing and painting
  • Digitally switchable train destination display
  • Cockpit lighting
  • Delicate bogies
  • Many attached details
  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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» Fahrzeugheft Steuerwagen Wittenberger Kopf

» Fahrzeugheft Steuerwagen Wittenberger Kopf EN

Further information about prototype and model:

In addition to the well-known Silverlings, the DB ordered a larger number of control cars, which differed from the 2nd class cars by additional windows and a luggage compartment. In further series, pure control cars were ordered, which now had a regular driver's cab. The head shape of these control cars was named "Karlsruhe head" after the repair shop responsible for the conversion. Since these control cars were no longer equipped in a modern way in the 1990s, the RAW Wittenberge developed a new, modular driver's cab based on the DB standard driver's cab of the BR 111, which quickly received the name "Wittenberge head". Technically, the operation with electric and diesel locomotives is possible, through the side-selective door control, the control cars are often also used in combination with double-decker cars

Car Bnrdzf483 50 80 80-34121-8 of DB AG, stationed in Ludwigshafen Rhine, exam.-date 13.03.10/ 06.03.17 in red version. .

With this PIKO model, the shape of the original was again met with great passion. The driver's cab on the basis of an n-car appears in the usual detailed and filigree design of the Expert range and has a full-scale length, the matching interior, sharply engraved bogies and separately attached handles. As an eye-catcher and highlight, the driver's cab is equipped with finely illuminated cockpit lighting. An open front spoiler is included for replacement!

Why the model should not be missing on your layout:

The PIKO Expert car impresses with its harmonic and flawless colouring and lettering, realistic proportions in line with the prototype and many extra details such as windscreen wipers, power couplers, heating pipes, steps, buffer covers, antenna, UIC sockets, brake hoses, coupling hooks and sand pipes. Furthermore, the air tanks, vibration dampers, brake levers with gear rods and the lubrication tanks on the bogies are also available as special parts. The control car is designed for an unproblematic upgrade of interior lighting and has a direction-dependent light change white/red as well as a plug-in interface for the installation of the function decoder # 56124.

With the newly designed control car with "Wittenberg head", PIKO now provides model railway enthusiasts of modern epochs with an n-car of this design for the first time. The true-to-scale and detailed vehicle convinces in all areas and promises long-lasting fun without having to rework the bogies or find chipped off accessories on the model railroad layout after every round. With the traffic red n-wagons #55675 and #57676 and the much praised PIKO locomotives of the Class 111 #51840/#51841, Class 143 #51706/#51707 and Class 147 #51580/#51581 further suitable train sets can now be formed.


Video of the model