TT electric locomotive class S 499.1 #47540

25.01.2022 TT electric locomotive class S 499.1 #47540

The S 499.1 rolls up! The "Laminátka" S 499.1 as TT model from PIKO

47540 Electric locomotive class S 499.1 ČSD era IV MSRP 230,00 €
47541 Electric locomotive/Sound class S 499.1 ČSD era IV MSRP 340,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Digitally switchable lighting in the driver's cab and engine room
  • Crystal clear front windows
  • Filigree etched windscreen wipers
  • First series production of an S 499.1 model in scale 1:120
  • Impressive detailed design from the undercarriage to the roof
  • Outstanding paintwork and printing
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model:

Among the most striking electric locomotives in Europe are the Škoda 47E machines, a total of 145 were delivered to Czechoslovakia's state railway between 1968 and 1970. The pleasing appearance is characterised by rounded driver's cabs with large arched windows. The locomotive body was made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic - a novelty in locomotive construction. The use of this material earned the locomotives the nickname "Laminátka". Of the S 499.0 and S 499.1 sub-series S 499.1, the ČSD purchased a total of 145 units from 1968 onwards, of which 120 were of the S 499.0 type and 25 of the faster S 499.1 with a modified gear ratio. From 1988 onwards, the machines with a power output of up to 3200 kW were listed in the 230 and 240 series. After 1992, the majority of the locomotives remained with the ŽSR in Slovakia, which continues to use them in front of all types of trains. The ČD locomotives, on the other hand, are assigned to the ČD Cargo business unit and are accordingly found almost exclusively in freight traffic.

Our prototype: Locomotive S 499.1023

For the first time the elegant "Laminátka" appears in TT scale. The graceful machine was excellently transferred to the scale 1:120 and an absolutely harmonious overall picture was created. The many attractive details, such as the skylights in the engine room, have been elegantly realised and the strongly structuring lines of the locomotive body visualised by sharp engravings. In the roof area all electrical lines are free-standing, the representation of the pantograph drives including filigree insulators is particularly eye-catching. Technical elements such as the finely perforated bogies have also been precisely reproduced. A very special eye-catcher are the free-standing drawbars and push rods under the locomotive body. The colourful paint scheme of the prototype, including dynamic trim elements and prototypical printing, also suits the locomotive perfectly in the model. The "Laminátka" is powered by a powerful central engine with two flywheels, which acts on all four axles of the locomotive. Two traction tyres arranged diagonally on the inner axles further increase the tractive power. The lighting in red and white, which changes with the direction of travel, is of course designed in contemporary LED technology. For easy and quick retrofitting of a digital decoder, the locomotive has a Next18 interface on the underside of the main board. Equipped in this way, the lights in the driver's cab and engine room can also be switched. There is sufficient installation space for retrofitting a loudspeaker.

The S 499.1 blurs the boundaries of detailing between TT and H0, so that the smaller size is in no way inferior to the models in 1:87. The high-quality finish gives the locomotive a splendid appearance.

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