H0 Expert steam locomotive class 93.0 DB III #50650

16.08.2022 H0 Expert steam locomotive class 93.0 DB III #50650

The Prussian T14 The hot steam freight locomotive of the class 93 as H0 model from PIKO

50650 Steam locomotive class 93.0 DB III UVP 340,00 €
50651 ~Steam locomotive class 93.0 DB III UVP 390,00 €
50652 Steam locomotive / Sound class 93.0 DB III UVP 450,00 €
50653 ~Steam locomotive / Sound class 93.0 DB III UVP 450,00 €

The advantages of the models in key points

  •     Completely new construction
  •     Free-standing pipes, extra bell, whistle, handrails
  •     Finest spoked wheels and filigree coupling rods
  •     In the sound version equipped with smoke insert
  •     Detailed reproduction of the lubrication pump drive made of metal
  •     Filigree, free-standing lamps with maintenance-free LEDs
  •     Driver's cab lighting
  •     Sound version with modern PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1 S
  •     Excellent price-performance ratio
  •     Engine lighting


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Some information about the prototype and model

The Prussian railway administration was always striving for rationalisation, so that around the year 1910, proven design principles were used for the construction of a new tender locomotive. Parts of the traction unit and running gear were taken over from the tried and tested G8.1 with a few modifications. The new locomotives were incorporated as the T14 series and were initially to be used in traffic around Berlin. However, as the machines proved themselves quite well in service, the locomotives spread quite quickly throughout the entire Reich. In total, the Prussian state railway procured 457 units by 1918, and the Reichseisenbahnen in Alsace-Lorraine also ordered 40 locomotives of this type. With 1330t tractive effort and a top speed of 65 km/h, the locomotive was universally usable, even if the low supplies of operating materials limited its radius of action. After the Second World War, the 93.0-4 was scattered over Europe. Freshly repaired, it was put back into service in Poland, Belgium and Austria as well as in divided Germany. The German Federal Railways used its machines until 1960, with the Limburg depot and the lines between the Lahn, Dill and Sieg being its last refuge.

Our prototype: Locomotive 93 152 DB Essen, Bw Bielefeld, Rev.-Date 9.3.1951

With the complete redesign of the Prussian T14, PIKO has once again more than fulfilled the wishes of many customers. The distinctive shapes of the locomotive have been reproduced down to the smallest detail and reflect contemporary mould making. Even at first glance, the interested viewer will find a wealth of details that are worth looking at in peace. Starting with the free-standing bell, the attached whistle, the multitude of fine, free-standing pipes and slides, all the way to the finely executed control system. Thanks to the compact construction of the drive the view between boiler and frame is free, and also the driver's cab is unobstructed and allows a free view of a detailed reproduction of the driver's cab fittings. But this is by no means the end of the story. The coal stock in the tender shines in matt black, the brake soles are finely executed and harmonise perfectly with the filigree spoked wheels. Even a look under the locomotive is worthwhile, as one is rewarded with fine, free-standing spring piles and brake rods. The overall picture is rounded off by clean painting and ragged printing, which has not forgotten even the overpainted paint spot of the freshly set examination data.  Inside the model, a combination of proven drive technology and modern electronics ensures excellent driving characteristics. The sound version is equipped ex works with the new PSD XP 5.1 S, which ensures the best control characteristics. Thanks to PIKO TrainSound®, sounds are triggered synchronously with motor control and functions. In addition, the sound versions of the locomotive are already equipped with a smoke set ex works. The analogue version can be retrofitted for digital operation in no time thanks to the Plux22 interface.

Whether in front of freight or passenger trains, in the BW at home or as a fully equipped exhibition model in the showcase: The T14 from PIKO is a must for every model railway enthusiast. A contemporary locomotive model with details at the highest level.

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