H0 Expert plus Measure Car #55050

27.10.2017 H0 Expert plus Measure Car #55050

The PIKO Measure Car is THE innovation in the world of model railroading!

#55050 PIKO H0 Measure Car

The advantages of the PIKO model:

  • Completely new in-house development by PIKO
  • Exact results for speed, covered distance, slope, track notion, DC voltage and digital signal (DC)
  • Own WIFI access point
  • Shows real-time data on the integrated display or via WIFI on Android smartphones/tablets and on your PCs
  • Allows usage of a DCC sniffer adress
  • Can be used for DC and AC systems both analog and digital
  • Reasonable price at 159,99 €


» The model in the PIKO web shop
» Manual
» Measure information page

Further information about the model:

The PIKO H0 SmartMeasure Car with its attractive DB design and the large movable sliding doors is equipped with an easy to read display, onboard memory for the storage of measured values, an integrated accumulator for the autonomous operation on currentless track sections and a USB port for the extraction of recorded data and to recharge the integrated battery.

The innovative PIKO highlight offers many interesting features and can be used as a technical aid when building dioramas and model systems or to measure existing systems. Finally there is a way to exactly measure your model system at home or in your model railroad club.

Besides the option to see the measured values on the integrated display, there are also the possibilities to use an app (Android phones only) or a separately acquirable PIKO software on your PC to measure your model system. The analysis software (PIKO Analyst, item No. 55051) shows all measurement values on individually configurable diagrams an graphs. The model can be used on DC (fully functional) and AC (with limitations) systems.

Why you should not miss out on our new model:

You can now register and repair voltage drops on your track accurately to within a centimeter, even on sections that are not visible (such as e.g. a staging yard). You can also quickly check the functionality of your model railroad club‘s system at changing location. Non-fitting parts like railroad crossings and problems with the voltage supply can be easily identified. The PIKO SmartMeasure Car creates its own WIFI access point and therefore can be used independently from existing networks. The speed and distance can be measured in cm/s and cm or the equivalent H0 values darstellbar. Of course you can recalibrate your wagon model or reset it to factory settings. By pressing one button you can simply change the language settings of the display from German to English.

The PIKO H0 SmartMeasure Car is the first product in the PIKO Expert plus Scollection and it will make the measurment of your model railroad system an exciting experience. In contrast to existing models that only show you a limited number of metrics like speed and distance the PIKO SmartMeasure Car can measure a variety of key metrics. The attractive and easy to use model reaches out to practice-oriented model railroad and model building enthusiasts, who do not want to leave the operability and accuracy of their railroad system to chance but exactly measure the slope, track notion and voltage supply on all sections of their model railroad system. On top of that it is just pure fun to use the PIKO SmartMeasure Car to find out about the detailed technical condition of your own beloved system.  

Video presentation of the PIKO H0 Measure Car

• Der Info-Flyer zum Messwagen als PDF-Download