18.04.2018 PIKO vehicle information booklets

Do you know our vehicle information booklets?

Last year, we started to bring out attractive vehicle information booklets for each of our new molds to give you some more information about our models in the scales G, H0, TT and N as well as about the respective originals. In the first quarter of 2018 we could already present you some of our most important new models, among those the H0 models of the Austrian electric locomotive Rh 1041, the “Kaluga” diesel locomotive TGK 2, the electric locomotive of the series 147 and the G-scale steam locomotive, the “Mountain Queen” of the series 95. You can look forward to many more vehicle information booklets in the future.

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13.04.2018 Update PIKO H0 measuring car (V 1.3.00)

Another update for our H0 Measuring Car is now available. Go to the PIKO web shop to Download it.


  • Distance counter was not saved, if measuring car was shut down manually

05.04.2018 CAD pictures of Polish new molds 2018

The following 3D construction drawings give you a first view on our new Polish molds for 2018.

You can get a first impression of our new H0 diesel locomotive ST44 of the PKP and of the different versions of the new and highly detailed Polish tank car Zas (406R).

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