H0 Expert High-capacity freight car PKP #58470 / #58471

25.03.2020 H0 Expert High-capacity freight car PKP #58470 / #58471

401K of the PKP - THE high-capacity freight car from Poland as a detailed H0 model from PIKO

58470 High-capacity freight car 401K PKP era V MSRP 39,99 €           

The advantages of the PIKO model in key points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Outstanding rolling characteristics
  • Many attached details
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


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Some information about the prototype and model:

The 401K high-capacity freight cars were manufactured from 1962 onwards as four-axle freight cars for the transport of grain, general cargo and other moisture-sensitive individual loads. Some of the 16 m long wagons were equipped with steam or electric heating systems. In the course of time there were changes, among other things, in the number of loading openings in the roof area and the doors. A total of over 18,000 wagons were in use in Poland.

Our prototype: PKP Gags-t high-capacity freight car with the car number 195 2 754-9. examination date 29.03.96. Version with four roof hatches and plain doors with loading hatches.

The PIKO freight car, which has been beautifully designed, has a lovingly crafted floor structure with many attached pipes, the typical roof catwalk and a delicate front ladder. No less impressive are the finely engraved bogies. Special attention was paid to the finish of the surface as well as the clean painting and printing.

PIKO's PKP high-capacity freight cars are now ideal for long block trains, and their interesting surface structure makes them a real eye-catcher on any layout. With this highly detailed model of the interesting 401K original, the PIKO Expert freight car assortment is enriched by another highlight and promises a lot of fun and a perfect mixture of the finest car construction and highest operational capability!